Placebo is a 2D pixel art based platforming, side-scrolling dungeon rpg where the main characters have to battle their way through seemingly endless dungeons in order to unearth long lost artifacts and progress inwards towards the center of the vast expanse of mountains, valleys, and ocean that lies ahead of them. There are to be four main classes, with one character for each of them. Available to the player will be the following; Mage, Melee, Ranged, and Tank.

In order to gain access to the final set of dungeons, the player must progress through each of these classes and complete a set of quests given to them to acquire a key piece, that of which has four parts necessary to unlock the final gate to the center of the world.

Each class has its own way of conquering obstacles, in which the player has been subject to tests of Accuracy, Element, Strength, and Toughness to overcome the trials presented to them.

Should you be successful throughout each class, the final set of dungeons will require the skills of all four characters, lest they shall succumb to the darkness that lies ahead.


At the beginning of the game, you, as a player, will be given an Ars Arcanum. It will be accessible through the main menu, or in game through the pause menu. As you progress through the game, you are given opportunities to level up your equipment or break them down into aspects necessary to create other tools. Upon leveling any given piece of gear to a predetermined level (based on the individual piece) you will unlock a deeper explanation in the Ars Arcanum for said item. Everything has a story, you just need to unlock it.

All gear will have its set of basic statistics, though a large portion will contain perks, bonuses, addon slots, etc. to benefit you further in choosing your preferred gear set.
It is worth noting that it will be possible to meld certain things together to produce effects not previously possible once you find a secret location in each of the classes storylines.

There will be multiple slots for weapons per class, which you might need for different obstacles. It will be possible to expand all types of inventory as the game progresses, but use your slots wisely! You can store weapons and gear among each village that will be accessible world-wide no matter where you deposit it.


The game is considered completed by Any% standards when you approach the final dungeon with any of the four classes for the first time. To achieve 100% completion, you must delve into the final dungeon set and trigger the final ending cutscene, where everything ties together and you are enlightened to certain aspects of the game. There will be an achievement for what is known as Max% which would be completing the Ars Arcanum for every class as well, but good luck with that one! You’re in for a wild ride.