Rebooting Priorities

Doesn’t life sometimes feel out of control? It feels like we are going through the motions, just navigating our life on auto-pilot. I feel that on a lot of days and it’s not a pleasant feeling.

And a big part of that feeling is not being able to attack the “Big things” in your life. We keep on scraping the smaller parts of our life and the Big things keep taking a big piece (peace?) of our mind.

But howsoever much helpless we feel, we can still dictate at least some parts of life. It’s all about auditing yourself.

I have (re)decided to limit the amount of time I spend online. I am quitting Twitter and reading online news, for next 1 month. And limiting other social media and checking personal mails to last 1 hour of the day.

So, what do I plan to achieve from this? I am trying to conserve my limited mental energy so that I can accomplish the things that matter, like writing this blog everyday. I have done these types of social media “fasts” before also, and they have been quite peaceful times for me.

Social Media has it’s a own importance, but it doesn’t play that big a role in my current priorities : family and self and career.

The reason we get addicted to these platforms is because we don’t want to be bored, even for a second. But if we stop and observe, being bored need not be so scary.

Try being bored yourself. It won’t kill us.

[Pic : Good old Linux days on the desktop. But, still a Linux Evangelist. Try Linux if you haven’t yet. It’s as capable as any desktop OS you use. ]

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