Thinking Ahead

I knew I would be tired at night time. The Will-power would be depleted. But still I didn’t make efforts to write early on during the day. Bad RavS. Very bad.

It may not be possible to think ahead all the time, but generally this thinking ahead mentality can save us a lot of headaches.

In terms of writing, it could be thinking about the topic to write on, the points to make in the write up, what pictures to use, if any, etc.

In terms of habit making, it could be to think about the cues to use to start the habit, what to do if any hindrances come, fall back plan etc.

You get the point.

On a related note, I should probably try writing in the morning. May be I will come up with fresh ideas and styles. I am still waiting to reach the point where the writing will start ‘flowing’. Let’s see. That’s it for today (tonight) folks.

[Photo : A Petrol pump receipt show the old unit price of 71.14 Rs. This should have ideally been 3.77 Rs. lesser . Probably the petrol pump wasn’t thinking ahead :) ]

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