MVVM — It’s All In The (Implementation) Details
Florina Muntenescu

Hi Florina,

Very informative and nicely presented . I followed through the whole article. However am not clear about one thing which is about data flow from view to viewmodel. I am referring slide 52 of your presentation. Here is my understanding. The view (i.e xml layout file) and view model was tied using two-way DataBinding. In slide 52, it was shown that View is getting data by calling a method (getTopNewsArticle() )from the ViewModel . If so, again View has to send this data back to the viewmodel so that the viewmodel can update the UI (by using data binding). If i understood correctly, It seems a round trip call (getting data from Viewmodel and sending that data back to viewmodel to update the UI).

Am I missing something here? Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

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