Behind the Scene — Raleigh Challenge Wilson Trail Hong Kong 2015

Autumn has arrived to Hong Kong. Loads of outdoors activities are open to all who love hiking, running and cycling. You need to wake up very early to get ready for the event, waking up at 3am and starting at 5am. Someone think this is a torture, but I really enjoy the silence of night, watching the asleep city’s skyline in a high-speed taxi on highway.

But this time, my role changed. I am a official photographer for Hong Kong Raleigh Challenge — Wilson Trail 2015. And my job is to capture the happiness of participants and volunteers at the starting point. Wilson Trail is one of the four long hiking trails in Hong Kong. Its name has originated from Baron Wilson of Tillyorn, the ex-governor of Hong Kong during British colonial era.

The trail is 78-kilometer long, running along mountains and hills from Tai Tam Reservoir, Hong Kong Island to Nam Chung at Sha Tau Kok, New Territories, penetrating the entire Hong Kong from South to North. The elite athletes can finish the long run less than 10 hours, how amazing!

Inspired by the Photographer Joel Marklund, who took and edited a BTS video when he had been shooting photos for 2015 EURO Champion Final. During this job, I was carrying two cameras: one tiny Sony action camera, which had been mounted on my camera hot show and one Blackmagic Pocket camera. Both give good quality videos and make me impressed! And hope you can feel the passion, excitement and happiness of the event.

Originally published at on October 17, 2015.