4 Secrets Straight A Students Don’t Tell You

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Some students feel that achieving good grades is required. I’ve noticed some students who have a very busy schedule, which means they play football, take swimming classes, and take coding classes, and with learning these skills, they also manage to get straight As in schools and colleges. They can do everything from studying late at night to taking notes, asking questions, and revising the same notes time and time again.s

What do you want to be?

Those kids who don’t have time for extracurricular activities and simply study incessantly, as well as those unique students who can fit everything in. They consistently show a willingness to learn new things while achieving high academic standing.

Naturally, the second group of students, as it’s crucial to learn everything.

Mark Twain said, “I have never allowed my education to be hampered by my schooling.”

I just want to let you know that you should never assume that grades don’t matter before discussing the secrets of straight-A students. I don’t claim that having good grades and a high CGPA are the primary factors in determining long-term success, but I also don’t claim that grades are irrelevant. They may not matter in every situation, but generally speaking, they do.

A solid academic background may help you in the future by opening doors. In fact, this is true. Many kids want to do well in school, but many have the attitude that they can’t spend 7–8 hours studying because they detest it. As someone who has consistently earned A+ grades and has never had a mark below A-, I can state unequivocally that the process and journey of learning are far superior to the final product. Therefore, stop hating this procedure and start appreciating it.

You will learn some fantastic virtues, such as discipline, perseverance, hard effort, clever work, dedication, and patience, via the process of becoming a student who excels in their studies. These values will serve you well in any exam and, of course, throughout life.

I only want to urge you to work hard in your studies without turning them into an unhealthy obsession, as anything in excess is harmful.

Read On To Discover 4 Secrets Straight-A Students Don’t Tell You

1. Don’t start without a plan

You must dedicate a significant amount of time to preparation and organisation if you want to receive the top grades in the class.

Then, why do organisation and planning?

You’ll find things easier if you plan ahead and stay organised.

I advise using a paper calendar since it will help you keep track of important dates like revision day, critical dates, deadlines for projects and assignments, breaks during the semester, and test and exam dates. Mark the day on your calendar that you will begin studying for a math text, possibly a history assignment, or possibly an English oral exam.

Set aside a certain period each week to examine your future events.

Highlight the time slots allotted for extracurricular activities on your calendar or sheets (if digital).

You must be thinking, “No, I don’t want to do this; it will take too much time,” but I assure you that it usually only only 10 to 15 minutes per week.

2. Studying never means ignoring your physical health

The majority of my pals have said that I constantly feel worn out and sleep deprived. Sometimes I don’t feel like studying, and I have trouble focusing. When I daydream, I don’t always have the motivation or excitement to study.

I am aware that these are real issues, but it is impossible to be an A student while you are in this kind of physical condition.

You must take care of your body if you want to achieve academic success. You can improve as a learner by focusing on the areas listed below.

Good sleep (minimum 7–8 hours)

Good food (no processed foods, no sugary drinks, drink loads of water and eat seasonal fruits & veggies)

Exercise (thrice a week)

3. Be Organized

When you required your books, notes, or homework, did you ever have difficulties finding them?

The finest advise for a student who wants to get the top grades is to be organised since it will help them save valuable time. Keep a list of your assignments, use files for essential notes, and use a large calendar for significant occasions.

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