Nem Blockchain and Two4one App at Laikipia County Innovation Program

Blockchain interaction and public forum has been going on in Kenya. The aim has been to inform of the various uses cases that blockchain provides and helping businesses, government and other organisation to integrate their systems.

H.E Hon. Ndiritu Muriithi, Governor, Laikipia County Government interacting with innovators

With an invitation from the County Government of Laikipia, Two4one App attended the Laikipia Innovation development program together with other innovators to a Financial Literacy training for the top tier innovators. The program was organised by Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Kenya (ICPAK), established in 1978. The Institute is a member of the Pan-African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) and the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the global umbrella body for the accountancy profession. The Vision of the Institute is A world class professional accountancy institute, while the Mission is ‘To develop and promote internationally recognised accountancy profession that upholds public interest through effective regulation, research and innovation’.

The development program was graced by H.E Hon. Ndiritu Muriithi, Governor, Laikipia County Government, His Deputy, HE. Hon John Mwaniki, FCPA. Julius Mwatu, Chairman — ICPAK Council, FCPA. Rose Mwaura, Vice Chair — ICPAK Council. Others in attendance were Mr. Biwott Tirop, and Mr. Boniface Murungi Ndai, CECM, Trade and Finance respectively.

The Governor, H.E Hon. Ndiritu Muriithi, challenged the innovators to let go off the Cheque Books and do more delegation of duties to professionals. This will help and relive some duties off the innovators and concentrate on their innovation. FCPA. Julius Mwatu, Chairman — ICPAK Council insisted that 80% of the businesses in kenya are SMEs and the employ close to 85 % of the Kenyan population. Deputy Governor, HE. Hon John Mwaniki alluded to the governors remarks and announced that the county would set aside 200 Acres of land for the establishment of an Innovation park.

After some introduction from Walace and Cecilia from Development Authority and County Enterprise Fund respectively, they retaliated of the help and support they are already providing to some of the innovators. All ward Credit officer from various wards were introduced and innovators requested to followup with their applications for funding of their various projects. Ms. Winnie Mwangi, Director — Innovation and industrialization, who has been mandated to look after the innovators introduced CPA. Fredrick Riaga, Chief Manager, Public Policy & Research — ICPAK to start the program.

CPA. Fredrick Riaga, Chief Manager, Public Policy & Research — ICPAK making presentation to innovators

CPA Fredrick Riaga dove into basic accounting principals that are necessary to run small businesses which most of the innovators are involved in. This would help the innovators to Plan, budget and manage risk in their daily operations. The innovators who come from all corners of the county are involved in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy, Water, ICT and Creative economy.

The program also indulged the innovators into the regulatory environment and the policies that the government is setting up. This is to help the innovators navigate with taxation obligations and other statutory requirements.

Coming to a close of the program, mapping of mentors to innovators and some plenary was done to establish the capacity needs from various sectors involved. Challenges, problems and various needs were presented from various groups.

Laikipia Innovation Community Hub, a community based organisation which has been working with innovators in Laikipia, was recognized to also partner with innovators to help work together and help to create a community that supports other innovators and help grow the ecosystem.

With the establishment of SandBox framework by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and the whitebox to not only support, invest and Mentor, but also to help prepare some of the innovation which are considered as un chattered or unregulated, to adhere to the common and international laws and subscribed standards. This would not only help the innovators to establish, but get accepted international to compete with other global ventures.

Nem Foundation, which has new leaders after a hotly contested election in December, together with the newly established and incorporated Nem Ventures, we will be working closely with Nem Africa to help the innovators, businesses and Governments to not only integrate on blockchain and tokenise their businesses, but also commit to invest in some the ventures to scale them to viability.