Transitioning to an Advisory Role After Five Years at twoXAR


by: Andrew M. Radin
Co-Founder & Advisor,

twoXAR Team July 2014

Five years ago my namefellow, Andrew A. Radin (twoXAR CEO), and I launched twoXAR to apply new technology to discovering medicines for patients with unmet medical needs. Over the years we developed our 3P strategy (platform, process, portfolio) which I am confident is the most efficient, lowest risk, and highest probability path to success in today’s world of drug development.

After careful consideration and planning I’ve decided now is the right time for me to transition to an advisory role at twoXAR. To implement the 3P strategy we’ve built an exceptional team of scientists, engineers, and business professionals that continues to develop and broaden month over month. I am consistently impressed by our team’s expertise, capabilities, and accomplishments — it’s their commitment and dedication that propels forward our mission.

As our team executes the strategy, twoXAR’s portfolio of discovery programs and partnerships with drug development companies continues to grow. With more than 15 active drug candidate programs in twoXAR’s portfolio, and six risk/reward-sharing drug development collaborations signed to date (five in the last 12 months) the company is well-positioned for continued success.

I couldn’t be more excited about the next chapter of twoXAR and my new role as advisor.

twoXAR Team September 2019


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Artificial intelligence-driven biopharmaceutical company. @softbank, @a16z, & @StartX backed.

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