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twoXAR & Adynxx: Drug Development Collaboration to Improve Women’s Health

by: Andrew A. Radin

Endometriosis is a painful inflammatory disease that affects millions of women worldwide. The current treatment landscape, which includes over-the-counter pain medication, hormone therapy, and hysterectomy, does not offer sustainable solutions for the vast majority of patients. Therefore, there is a serious unmet clinical need for disease-modifying therapies that provide long-term symptom relief.[1] To that end, we are announcing a collaboration with Adynxx, a clinical-stage biotech, to develop a non-hormonal drug therapy with the potential to address the underlying mechanisms of endometriosis and significantly improve upon the standard of care.

In this collaboration, we, the twoXAR team, will use our proprietary AI technology to identify a set of drug candidates with the potential to treat or prevent the recurrence of endometriosis and associated symptoms. Adynxx will test candidates for efficacy using in vivo models of endometriosis. They then intend to conduct preclinical characterization work, IND-enabling work, and clinical development.

The team at Adynxx has experience advancing therapies from preclinical to clinical development as exemplified by their lead program brivoligide, a Phase 2 drug candidate intended to address postoperative pain. The combination of our drug discovery technology with the Adynxx team’s clinical and drug development experience in pain, inflammation and women’s health enables an efficient discovery and development path for potential new therapies to treat endometriosis.

Our team continues to add new programs on a regular basis to build our portfolio of first-in-class therapeutic programs. The collaboration with Adynxx brings together complementary capabilities in drug discovery and development and expands the scope of twoXAR’s portfolio to include fibrotic diseases — opening the door to a twoXAR-discovered treatment for improving women’s health.

[1] Becker CM, Gattrell WT, Gude K, Singh SS. Reevaluating response and failure of medical treatment of endometriosis: a systematic review. Fertil Steril. 2017;108(1):125–136.

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