twoXAR Announces Business Advisory Board

by: Andrew A. Radin

From Day 1, our vision at twoXAR has been to “improve health through computation”. We’ve taken many steps along this journey, such as collaborations with leading companies like Santen and breaking new ground in the path to more efficacious treatments in liver cancer. As we continue to build momentum and scale our aspirations to help as many patients as possible, we’re increasingly drawing upon the expertise of industry veterans to guide our strategic decision-making.

Given this, I’m pleased to announce the formation of twoXAR’s Business Advisory Board and welcome Judy Lewent, Jonathan MacQuitty, and Howie Rosen as we move forward on our company’s journey. Each of our advisors brings a unique perspective to our business as we continue to launch disease programs in collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies, investors, and drug development teams:

  • Judy pioneered a new model of business and financial planning as CFO of Merck
  • Jonathan led life science investments at prestigious venture capital firms
  • Howie has served in Chairman and CEO roles in four different biopharmas

Judy Lewent defined her career by transforming how the pharmaceutical industry can manage risk and better predict program success. Her thoughtful approach to decision-making in this industry led her to the role of Chief Financial Officer at Merck, where she used sophisticated financial modeling techniques to further advance the market leadership of the company through innovative capital structures. At twoXAR, her expert guidance enables us to effectively hone in on the disease areas in which our AI-driven approach can have the most impact. She is helping us build the appropriate financial models to evaluate each opportunity on a variety of market, development, and risk factors, and allocate resources appropriately to launch these disease programs.

Jonathan MacQuitty spent more than a decade leading biopharma investments at Abingworth’s West Coast office, and is currently a venture partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. As a life science venture capitalist who is on our side, he provides us insight into the activity we need to engage in to best position our programs for financial backing as we move them to the clinic. Jonathan has been providing us with feedback over the last few years and has always been quick to tell us if we’re missing an important issue from an investor’s perspective.

Each disease program that we advance requires a unique development approach, spanning a myriad of management and operational considerations. As a rookie CEO in this space, I find it critical to get feedback from those who have “seen the movie before” and can help guide us. Howie Rosen has “seen the movie” many times over, leading critical decision-making in companies at every stage including discovery, preclinical, clinical, and commercial development. We met Howie three years ago through his role as a lecturer at Stanford University where he educates students on best practices in forming and managing companies in the biopharma industry. We appreciate his considerate and measured approach; Howie has been our go-to resource for strategic decision-making at twoXAR.

We have always been big fans of advisors and see them as essential to our decision-making process. With this announcement, we formalize our relationships with Judy, Jonathan, and Howie, who are preeminent experts in the industry with a wealth of R&D and commercial experience. It’s been an honor to learn from and work with these amazing resources and we look forward to their continued advice and guidance as we scale our work to “improve health through computation”.