Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, a Thanksgiving edition of the Daily Bit. There will be no posts tomorrow or Friday, so enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. I’ll be taking the rest of the week off for some much needed reflection and tryptophan.

Three things to highlight before the break…

Back in Black?

I often say I would write this blog for free. I enjoy writing, it forces me to constantly learn new things about crypto and pushes me out of my comfort zone, and the engagement it fosters with many of you is priceless. There is a difference, though, between “free” and “loss leader,” so I appreciate those of you who have recognized that despite my recent change of employment, the Bit is still part of a separate (bootstrapped) legal entity, owned 100% by yours truly. I keep it lean, but still incur some costs.

In particular, I outsource the curation of news to Andrew Thomas and (occasionally) his classmate, Yonny Reichel. I get a lot of bang for the buck, they get paid to learn about bitcoin, and you get a reliable source for news summaries. Win-win-win.

But I’m hoping you can help make our Bitcoin Black Friday dreams come true and tip the Bit back into the black. I’ll emphasize that your tips aren’t actually going to me, but to the starving college artists, Andrew and Yonny.

Since there’s nothing like a good competition, I will announce next week which platform helped me collect more Thanksgiving tips:



Critical Feedback

With a full 3,500 regular readers between the email newsletter, Medium and Tumblr blogs, I’m very thankful for your support and engagement. There are a lot of smart pundits / journos covering bitcoin, so I’ve come to accept (based on numerous first person accounts) that the reason many of you follow is due to my candor and raw emotion when it comes to covering all things BTC.

I sincerely appreciate that most of you consider this two-bit idiocy to be a feature, not a bug; that is perhaps the highest compliment you can pay me.

A lot of people have said nice things about the Daily Bit recently, but it’s not the backslapping and ‘atta boys which keep me honest. It’s the brutal critiques, which I do read in their entirety, that make me a better writer and (hopefully) keep me bearable, despite the inevitable self-promotion that comes along with writing a personal opinion blog every single day for a year.

Like a governor on a golf cart, these readers help keep me and my big ‘ole ego in check. You can thank these guys…

You put the ‘bully’ in ‘bully pulpit.’”
-anonymous reader

It must be nice to not have an editor, although you could really use one sometimes.”
-mainstream bitcoin journo

He’s not modest, but for Bitcoin news, he’s the most informed (and readable) of them all.”
-Jeff Roberts, GigaOm

I read your newsletters because they have a nice perspective many times, and you stay connected to the industry, but your tone… Your tone is constantly self-congratulating. You take every chance to remind people you are important or that you work hard or that you are well positioned, or that you will be.”
-long-time reader

I hate you. You’re awful.”
-Lars, Heavyweights

You’re out of content. It is tough writing everyday even when you do not feel like it. :-)”
-Unsubscribe from April. Have I really been out of content for eight months?

Like I said, I could share some of the good feedback as well, but if you’re still a subscriber, that’s validation enough. Thanks, Idiots, and hope you all have a great start to the holiday season.

Why Thanksgiving is Better Than Your Favorite Holiday (Unless Your Favorite is Also Thanksgiving)

Speaking of the holidays, Thanksgiving is the undisputed greatest holiday. It’s a religion-agnostic Opening Day of the holiday season that kicks off with a long weekend of eating, followed by four weeks of cocktail parties, Festivus festivals and mall Santas, and then ends with a frantic December 24th high-stakes shopping spree and disappointment on Christmas Day. (Because the holidays are over at that point unless you still like to get sloppy at New Year’s Eve parties. I know I have some college readers so I’ll withhold judgment.) Either way, food, football, and family beats presents, basketball and family every year.

Also, screw retailers that open on Thanksgiving day. Screw Walmart. Screw Best Buy. And screw Toys ‘R Us and their stupid backwards R that confuses young children learning to read. I will not support any company that doesn’t at least do the bare minimum and wait until 12:01am to open their doors to the herds.

On that note, safe travels today, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Certified Bitcoin Professionals

The Digital Currency Council is seeking feedback from members of the Bitcoin community on its certification exams for lawyers, accountants, and financial professionals. Share comments, edit sample questions, and propose new core competency areas that would help professional advisors master Bitcoin.


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Bolt, San Francisco (VC-backed)
-Stealth startup focused on consumer applications of Bitcoin.
-Open positions: Security Engineer, Ruby Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Executive Assistant.
-Check out Bolt (bolt.com) and email jobs@bolt.com.

Elliptic, London (VC-backed)
-Vault and enterprise digital currency services.
-Open positions: Software engineers and business development gurus.
-Learn more and apply at elliptic.workable.com

Today’s Tid Bits

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