The Coronavirus Will Be the Defining Event of Our Generation

Note: I drafted this on Friday. It’s getting less contrarian by the minute.

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When it comes to the coronavirus, things could get a whole lot worse before they get better in almost every respect — socially, (geo)politically, and economically. I share these thoughts below in order to induce “panic”, a controversial way to say “seriousness,” amidst what is otherwise a sea of complete unseriousness right now in the West.



  • We’re revving up our community efforts once again. New tools, new perks, new members, same mission and long-term vision.
  • We’ll continue to share data freely, and sell premium tools that help professionals better digest that data.

I wanted to give our broader community an update on what we’ve been working hard on over at Messari, and how we’d love to re-energize this base of supporters that we’ve built in the past year…a formative year for Messari.

In short, we are attempting to build an S&P Global for crypto. What does that mean, and where does this outstanding community fit in?

Often imitated. Never replicated. I call your predictions post, and raise you.

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There have been a few good predictions pieces so far this year. This one is my encore from last year, with a little help from my colleagues at Messari, who are building the industry’s best market intelligence platform.

Without further adieu…

Top General Trends

  1. Our top 2019 bets:
    Lightning Network growth will blow up (50x YoY in USD growth = $100mm channel capacity) and have its “irrational exuberance” moment.

TL;DR: There’s a natural and healthy tension between journalists and their subjects. Information that’s in the public interest should be uncovered and distributed widely. But effective journalistic tactics are changing. Biting tone and opinionated commentary cuts through more quickly. Nuance is overrated in click-driven cultures, and underrated in subscriber-driven cultures. Does the allure of “scoops” help or hurt prospects for sustainable transparency?

The allure of the SCOOP!!!

I thought a bit last night about the mini-drama between crypto media upstart The Block, and 0x-Coinbase-Scalar Capital.

And specifically how it contrasts with the direction we’re taking at Messari (we’re not building a newsroom), and how our…

No one from Messari is offline at Burning Man this week.

Not sure if that is a bullish or bearish indicator, but our team and community have continued to grow in quantity and quality, and the dog days of summer haven’t slowed us down a bit. In fact, things are accelerating.

Messari Team Update

Now at twelve full-time (majority product/engineering), we have an amazing team tackling our various strategic priorities: 1) build a research and news curation engine that drives audience and community, 2) position OnChainFx as a B2B subscription data service, 3) most importantly, design, test, and seed the…

In case you missed it on Friday, I was critical of the positioning and promotion of an upcoming AMA session between Brad Garlinghouse and the XRP community. It felt like a hype video for a screwed up type of “not shareholders, but kinda shareholders” virtual meeting, and that rubbed me the wrong way, because of the lightheartedness displayed by paid reps of a company that made $75mm in Q2 revenue selling an asset whose value declined by >90% to an investor audience that mostly doesn’t actually care about forex settlement.

AMAs are something you do to endear yourself to your…

I’m routinely blown away by how awesome our analyst community is. The Discord chat is buzzing, the new analyst applications are rolling in, the CT “celebrities” are starting to join in, token projects are emailing us to participate in our disclosures library, and life is good.

Be sure to check out last week’s post if you missed it, because that seemed to be the catalyst that kicked off a whole new burst of interest and enthusiasm in our open-sourced cryptoasset research.

I think it’s because we started mission and community-first.

Funny how that works.

Eric and Katherine are working tirelessly…

It’s hard to believe Messari launched its analyst community almost five months ago.

What started as an off-the-cuff call to action in mid-January — my invitation for analysts to rally around a public crypto data commons — has morphed into a full-fledged 125-member analyst community that has produced 50+ token profiles in the past six months, and 200 database entries in our open-source “Agora” library.

And we’re just getting started.

We couldn’t be happier with the quality and consistency of this incredible group of collaborators. Their insights and feedback have been invaluable — aside from the published research, we’ve collaborated…

It’s been just six months since I stumbled through my investor rolodex with a laptop, a couple of screenshots, and some half-baked grunts about building an “open data layer” for crypto.

Since then, we’ve brought in over a dozen leading (and global) crypto funds as partners, recruited an exceptional team of ten (majority developers), and outlined our vision for how exactly we plan to bring better transparency and sanity to the Wild West of crypto.

Today, I am *stoked* to share three announcements that will accelerate Messari’s growth:

+ We have acquired OnChainFx, a site I consider best-in-class for cryptoasset…

Daily Bit

I’m excited to share two solid interviews that dropped yesterday on Laura Shin’s podcasts, Unconfirmed and Unchained.

I usually hate listening to my own interviews (prefer the written word and the delete key that it comes with), but Laura is an excellent moderator, and a natural interviewer.

First up was Laura’s short form interview on Unconfirmed. We talked about the mini-drama I covered regarding a recent spat between Pete Rizzo and Vitalik Buterin, but mostly that was parlayed into a discussion about sustainable journalism — I gave hat tips to Civil and Unlock as two promising crypto projects…


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