Oh darlin’ what have I done?

His bloody hands started another devil’s dance with the cards as he had a drag from the cigarette he was holding between his lips.

Four of hearts, was the first card he opened.

He took another deep drag from the cigarette.

Eight of spades, was the second one.

He put the cigarette on the ashtray and looked in the eye of the guy in front of him.

“Double up or quit…”

The guy didn’t say anything.

“Well, let’s carry on, then, since you do not want to quit.”

Queen of hearts was the last card.

“Busted, friend. Busted, just like two nights ago. How good was it?”

The guy didn’t respond at all.

“Did you enjoy it? Was it worth it?”

The guy closed his eyes and started to breath heavily.

“You know what people say about gambling… One who loses with it, wins in romance. I feel really sorry for you, though, because it is losing in both ways, in your case.”

He stood up, walked to the counter and grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

“How can one lose in so many aspects? It sounds impossible, improbable but you have done it! I don’t know whether I should respect you or hate you.”

He twisted the lid of the bottle with his mouth, spat the lid out and had a big sip out of the bottle. Closed his eyes tight, grinded his teeth and approached the guy from behind. Softly, he grabbed his shoulders.

“You had it all, didn’t you? Looking around in this room, looking at the car on the driveway, looking at your suit…”

He had another big sip and started to pour some of the Jack Daniel’s on him. The guy started sobbing, slowly.

“I actually feel bad, wasting this on you but that’s my all time favourite and I don’t want to open up another bottle for your worthless skin. I want to save the rest of your booze for this lovely townhouse.”

He grabbed a chair and put his feet on the table. Leaning back, lit up another cigarette.

“I would love to get to know you more but, I am low on time. I am not going to ask for a confession or anything because I know who you are and if you are not an imbecile, you know who I am. I just want to watch you, though. I want to watch you suffer. I will get the duct tape out of your mouth now to hear your last words. If you scream, I’ll make you suffer a lot more.”

He stood up once again, took the duct tape out.

-Look, I know what I did and I am sorry! I was on drugs and I thought, I would…

-You thought what?

-I thought she was there to find someone to fuck.

-You are not much of a thinker, are you?

-Man, I am sorry. I can do anything to make this right. I have a lot of money. Please don’t…

-Please don’t what?

-Please don’t kill me. I have been living with this guilt for years now. I am suffering already!

-I am happy to hear that.

-You got what you wanted. You proved your point so please, let me go!

-I am sorry, you already got busted.

He took another big sip from the bottle, poured some more on him and put the duct tape back on his mouth.

“This is the end, my friend. I hope you remember that girl you raped, I hope you remember the girl who couldn’t handle the trauma, I hope you remember my girl with cancer who committed suicide because of your monstrosity and finally, I hope you burn even better in hell. See you there.”

He collected all the cards on the table but one, shuffled them for one last time. Slowly, he put the deck on the table and poured some of the Jack Daniel’s on them. He took a box of matches out of his pocket, lit them all together and put them on the cards. The cards started to burn, slowly…

He didn’t mind the fire, nor the heat and grabbed them. He threw them in the guy’s face…

He started to burn slowly as well, he was suffering, he was struggling to scream but nobody would hear him. The smell of his meat was all around the room now. He lit up another cigarette and watched him burn slowly, to death.

He had an emotionless face, he didn’t like it, he didn’t enjoy it, he just watched it. As the guy stopped moving, he grabbed the rest of the bottles from the counter and started to pour them all around the first floor of the house.

He turned the stove on and approached the table. Looked at the dead body on fire with ground teeth, he grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniel’s and the last card out of the deck, on the table.

Flipped it upside down.

Ace of spades it was… He murmured:

“I knew it was my lucky day.”

He poured the rest of the Jack Daniel’s on the card and put it on fire… As he was walking away slowly, he threw the card on the pavement.

“She was the only one for me. Too bad you’ll never understand ‘the only one’.”