Are you guilty of judging yourself based on someone else’s success?


Scrolling through Facebook this evening I came across a sponsored ad for a conference I actually have tickets for this weekend.

(I’ll be going on Sunday, so expect some tweets).

When I read the advertised case study of an entrepreneur who sold her product based business for $1M, just 18 months post start up, I immediately started to judge myself.

It may have been the way the piece was written, however her success sounded so simple.

What is wrong with me? I silently wondered?

We’re similar ages. Why haven’t I been able to achieve something similar by now?

Luckily, I was able to catch the negative thoughts quickly.

And I realised something important.

In life, we are where we are.

There is no point chastising ourselves based on the perceived success of another.

We can look to these ‘cases’ for inspiration and to grow, but ultimately we are always doing the best with what we can.

By all means, set the bar high and shoot for the space beyond the stars.

But remember no matter how far you get, is further than had you not tried.

Surely, that is success!

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