Where is the innovation in regional Australia?

This evening I delivered an online learning program for small business professionals in Central Victoria.

After the webinar was done, the guest speaker and I debriefed, commenting about the significant gap in digital skills capability between small business in metropolitan Australia and many, if not the majority, of rural areas.

There is certainly innovation happening in regional Australia — lots of it in fact. But by and large I see skills gap that is aching to be closed.

I also see much more readiness for, and openness towards digital, even when compared to four or five years ago.

When it comes to finding, and tapping into, pockets of innovation and readiness, it’s not so much about location, but the people.

On my travels throughout country Victoria, I’ve come across forward thinking, action oriented people in some of the most unlikely areas.

From Bonang to Boort, I’ve met grass-roots pioneers when it comes to social engagement, community development and running businesses online.

Gathering these people and harnessing their skills, energy and above all, understanding of life in the bush (because it IS different!) will be one of the keys to powering regional Australia for 21st Century.

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