Change Takes Time, But It’s Worth It.

At the beginning of every year, before the season starts, we make sure to inform the parents about what they can expect once their child joins Two Feet Project. It’s an 0pportunity to sit down and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals. In February of 2015, we held our parent’s meeting for the girls of Society Starlets. The parents of girls that participated last year were glowing with compliments about the changes that have taken place in their children. Here are a few examples of the changes that have taken place in the lives of young Kenyan girls.


Devine’s parents have been very supportive from the very beginning. They mentioned how much their daughter has changed at home and in school. Devine used to be rebellious at home and did not care about helping out in the house. At school, her grades were not a priority to her and it showed. However, all that changed when she started attending the mentorship classes through TFP. She is now focused at school and ready to learn. Her grades have been improving and she has been very helpful to her younger siblings at home.


Euphemia’s dad talked with so much joy about how his daughter’s confidence has grown during her time with TFP. In the past, she rarely smiled or showed outward happiness. But now, she has so much joy and is not afraid to show it! The little, shy girl is now confident and can speak her mind.


Josephine’s mother could not hide her joy when talking about the impact TFP has had on her daughter. Before she joined the team, Josephine lived her own life and had many walls built around her. It was very difficult for her mom to even have a simple conversation with her. Now, one year later, she can comfortably confide in and talk to her mother about what is going on in her life. All that change has allowed her to socialize and be very active in school and with her family at home.

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