Public release is being postponed.

If you have been following our Telegram over the past few months, I have been promising an update on Wavelet for quite some time now.

I’m here to deliver the full picture of what has been going on with Wavelet’s development. But before kicking into it, here’s a brief timeline on what has been happening over the past few months.

The Past

By the end of August 2019, we had open-sourced and gained public traction on two core Go projects that were components of Wavelet: Noise, and Life.

The first version of Wavelet had been stabilized by then and was used to successfully run a private deployment of ICC’s TradeFlow trade digitization platform by Perlin’s Trade Team. …

The latest release, Noise v1.1.2, finally arrives 9 months after the initial release of Noise.

The release involves a complete refactor that has allowed for Noise to adopt significant performance, security, privacy, and developer ergonomic improvements.

Click here to access Noise’s Github, or here to access Noise’s godocs for example code and documentation.

What is Noise?

noise is an opinionated, easy-to-use P2P network stack for decentralized applications, and cryptographic protocols written in Go.

noise is made to be minimal, robust, developer-friendly, performant, secure, and cross-platform across multitudes of devices by making use of a small amount of well-tested, production-grade dependencies.

Now, let’s dig through what’s new. …

16,987 smart contract calls per second, 487 concurrent players — game and challenge down for maintenance, 5,555 PERLs to be distributed.

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The initial demo launch on 28th August 2019 gave the community a chance to try out PERL Clicker.

PERL Clicker is a game that was developed to help us stress-test our network under extreme load; allowing just a small number of users to create a large amount of tracks.

With just 100 users, PERL Clicker could generate up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Following the launch, we collected extremely valuable feedback which has allowed us to make adjustments/improvements to PERL Clicker’s gameplay, alongside initial feedback as to how we could better cater Wavelet to scale with respect to transaction-heavy DApps. …


Kenta Iwasaki

Theorist at heart; engineer at scale.

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