Bringing the 201 Created team to Addepar

Alex Navasardyan
2 min readJan 28, 2019


I’m excited to announce that the team at 201 Created, a Javascript consulting firm, is joining Addepar in February. Seven months ago we asked them to help modernize Addepar’s web application codebase, and now we’re welcoming Matthew Beale, Cory Forsyth, Jonathan Jackson, and Kevin Pfefferle as full time staff.

Addepar’s original product was a Java Swing application. Seven years ago we started rewriting that application onto the web platform with Ember.js at its core. We were motivated by the promise of faster feature development, an ability to improve usage analytics, to quicken the app’s loading speed, automate testing, and to provide better security to our users. When the codebase was new, modern, and smaller those promises were delivered on.

But after years of a hard focus on features to ensure Addepar’s adoption by the market we’ve accrued some tech debt. Addepar’s main codebase runs on an older, unsupported version of Ember.js making it difficult to leverage the latest productivity improvements enjoyed by the wider Ember.js (and web development) community. Working with out of date software makes documentation and education a constant challenge for our front-end developers.

To maintain the benefits of Addepar’s original web refactor on what is now a much older and mature codebase, we’re forming a new internal team at Addepar. This team will focus on practical web technology improvements, adopting best practices, and accelerating front-end developer productivity. We’re looking forward to having 201 Created’s team form the core of this group, and to leveraging their technical knowledge and background in pairing and training.

We’re excited to welcome Matthew, Cory, Jonathan, and Kevin to our team at Addepar! You’ll find them and other Addepar staff at EmberConf 2019.

Read more on this change at the 201 Created blog.

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