How to find popular Snapchaters?

By leaving Snapchat - a short tutorial (for Twitter)

As Snapchat, the ephermal social-story-network, (still) has no easy internal way of finding and connecting to other users, it’s somewhat difficult to grow a followingship. Up till yesterday, you had four choices:

Snapchat Options to add friends
  • Connect your addressbook and let the app find other users among your already existing contacts
  • Know people’s username and type it in manually (usually through googled or otherwise searched recommendations)
  • By physically meeting people and allowing to add users from nearby
  • Add people by scanning their snapcode - which people were sharing more and more through other networks (because still, there was no way to share it within Snapchat itself)

This changed (a little) yesterday, when Snapchat made an update to its app, allowing people to share a unique connecting link to others.

How did this change the connection process?

Well, you still have to go through other networks to find other users (and make yourself known and available). But it’s not only via updating your profil picture on Twitter of Facebook with your Snapcode, but via the clickable URL, which you can post anywhere. And all people have to do is cklick it and let themselves be guided to the app and accept.

But what really makes this special, is the fact that you can now search for these codes on other networks! And you can filter your search results for most popular links - at least on Twitter that is.

Here’s how it works (for Twitter):

  1. Create a search in your app or on the web using the following search string:
     — “” username — 
    This will give you a continous stream of users sharing their user profile links.
  2. Now use the engagement-filter and set the number of ‘likes’ to a certain threshold, depending on how popular you want the person to be (assuming that people will like their friends if they think they are worth following).
     — “” username min_faves:[number] —
    (yes, it’s still faves)
     — “” username min_retweets:[number] —
    (OR both)
  3. For this example, I’ve chosen 150 Likes as a top-Limit, which currently brings up two profiles (see image below). Of course you can play with this and find people with less shares/likes as well.
  4. All you’ve got to do now is click this link (on your device where you’ve got snapchat installed) et voila - the person gets added to your Snapchat account.
Searchterm and results through twitter-search

The nice thing is: You can create this search via the web interface, save the search and then open it on your mobile device (make sure to look for ‘all tweets’) to directly click the links there.

What about other networks?

I haven’t tried this on Facebook yet, because I’m not as active there (and you need to be logged in to use the search) and they are not as transparent as twitter. So if someone wants to try, go ahead and let me know if it works.

On Google for sure it doesn’t work very well for now, as you will simply find a lot of articles talking about this new feature. But even if you limit it to searching on specific websites (e.g. on ‘’ like this), …

…it doesn’t bring up any tangible results. People might just not have used it yet.

Of course the link allows you to share it everywhere else as well, where links are acceptable (so I guess not instagram ;-). But I think Twitter and Facebook are going to be the most common in the early days. Until Snapchat decides to build an inhouse solution to share&find other users. And the day will come.

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