The wireless sound experience

Wireless earplugs projects are trending on Kickstarter

I love browsing through the tech section of Kickstarter every now and then. I have become a little cautious in actually backing anything ever since I was part of the ZANO drone letdown, especially when things sound too good to be true. But it is still fun to just look and see what gadgets people are thinking about.

I started this article about three weeks ago, but the let it slip due to other engagements. But with the Olympics just having come to a close, I stumbled upon a youtube video, that made me eventually finish this article.

A trend on Kickstarter for wireless earplugs

19 days back, I was surprised to see a trend for earplugs on kickstarter. I came across four independently running projects on strolling through the latest popular campaigns. All four of them promised the reinvention of the good old earplugs for mobile music enjoyment.

ROPES USA Earphones (now funded)
Murel “ZERO” (5 days to go — $ 9,000 short)
ELWN FIT (now funded)
FireFlies (now funded)

In particular they all had two things in common: They all promised to deliver perfect wireless sound over bluetooth while addressing the issue of earplugs constantly falling out, when moving (I can so relate).

So it’s 2016 and it seems like we haven’t been able to solve these major problems of mobile sound experience yet.

Apple is making the sound — again

One possible explanation for this ‘trend’ could be the rumours about the new iPhone 7 — which might not have a headphone jack anymore, solely relying on bluetooth connection for the mobile sound experience.

Funny enough that now, a few days after the Olympics, I stumble upon this advertisement by Samsung for ….trrrrrrrr tada: Wireless earplugs (“for a truly wireless audio experience”)!

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