6 Creative CV Ideas That Will WOW Recruiters
Coburg Banks

If you think ANY of these ideas are creative you have been a cave or you are just not very innovative. As a hiring manager, none of these are very effective and frankly, when I see most of them, I dump them immediately.

For example:

  • The infographic resume may be pretty, but makes me work 10x harder to figure out what you are trying to say. This is the case where a picture is not worth a thousand words. I dump these immediately and tell my colleagues to shitcan them too.
  • The video CV is ridiculous as well. I don’t need to see you until we talk and frankly I don’t have the time to watch you blather on and on about yourself. I want to understand you in 30 seconds or less. I don’t have the time/energy to take notes about YOU. Save your videos for YouTube, not for the job hunt.
  • The personal website is DEAD. If it were 1995 that would be one thing, but the world has moved beyond that. I don't care if you are a Wordpress wizard and the like unless you are applying for a job as a web designer. I am inundated with enough web crap and don’t trust sites that I don’t know. Too many viruses and malware injections to count a this point. Fail.
  • The sales letter is creative? Since when? I keep hearing that the cover letter is dead. That is why it exists but for some reason recruiters don’t seem to like those. I guess it’s because it removes the power away from them and gives it to the candidate. I also believe that is why Objective statements are important as well — we all have so many skills that sometimes it’s necessary to point out what we want — not what you the recruiter thinks is best. If I had a dollar for every recruiter who contacted me about this hot “junior level job” when they could have taken 10 seconds to see I am an executive, I could retire already.
  • Promo packs? If you have that much money to do that, then you clearly shouldn’t be looking for a job. End of story. I recently read a story on BusinessInsider about a guy delivering donuts with his CV that was looking for a job. I wouldn’t hire that person because it was intrusive and just wrong.
  • The rest of the ideas are just ludicrous — board game, candy bar, etc.? No, no NO!

Enough already!

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