Job hunting; it’s a lot like dating.
Garrett Cicuto

Will people please STOP using the dating metaphor when talking about job hunting? It’s just not true anymore. The sad part about job hunting nowadays is if you are doing it, chances are you will fail because:

  1. Recruiters have been brainwashed into believing that “active job seekers” are damaged goods. Even the ones that don’t, they would rather spend time saying they can’t help, instead of saying they can.
  2. Hiring managers have been fooled into thinking that taking their followers from company to company without infusing fresh blood now and again (especially in critical roles) is a waste of time.
  3. Candidates have been suckered into thinking that they actually matter when a job listing is posted on line. Most of the time, if that job has been posted, it’s already been filled or very close to it. If not, then the company has a serious problem.

My colleague and I are writing a massive expose on the talent acquisition space and will be posting it soon. I truly hope it will become viral and give a voice to those who actually want to get a good job somewhere.