5 Tips for Engagement Photography

Every couple getting married wants to capture their life-defining moments, and cherish and relive these memories for the rest of their lives. At a wedding, there is not enough freedom for an engaging photography session considering all the ceremonies to be conducted, toasts to be raised and guests to be attended to. Engagement photography or a pre-wedding shoot provides the perfect opportunity for the same. With nothing to occupy them, the couple can express themselves freely;thus allowing the photographer to guide them for a perfect photographic memoir. A few other tips for engagement photography can make this experience an adventurous affair.

The most important fact is to find out what the client’s expectations are and what do they have in mind regarding the engagement photography. Being familiarized with their anticipations and getting to know them in person allow a photographer to sum up their personality and decide how to go about the shoot.

The prime purpose of the photography is to capture the intimacy and chemistry of the couple’s romance. If the couple looks uncomfortable and forced together, it will not yield good photographic results. The couple should act natural and behave with each other as they would in isolation. Encouraging the couple to be themselves, to remember their memorable incidents and to express their feelings for each other will lead to an intense and scintillating aura around them. The more expressive they are, the better their photographs will be.

The couple may feel nervous and awkward around the photographer and may not open up. It is up to the engagement photographer to make the process fun and ensure that the couple is comfortable. Asking the couple about how they met, what do they like about each other and what were the funny incidents they remember will get them to warm up towards the photographer. As the couple starts having fun with each other, they will gradually ease into process and go with the flow.

The choice of locations can make ordinary photographs into breathtaking ones. Check out beforehand various places in and around the town that are scenic and will be a great location for the shoot. Get inputs from the couple and ask about their preferences. If planning to shoot at multiple locations, adequate time must be allotted for each; keeping in mind the lightning conditions of the place. Instead of rushing through different spots, span out the shooting session over a couple of days for better photographs.

Preparing the clients for the photography session is of paramount importance. The right clothing choices will brighten up the photos. Different locations will require different types of wardrobe choices and colorings. The type of clothes worn will also be reflective of the mood of the couple. For a fun mood, a casual wardrobe will be ideal while for a more sophisticated look, a formal or semi-formal set of clothing should be included. Various props should also be incorporated into the photo shoot. Moreover, items like umbrellas and quote plaque cards can add minute details to the photographs.

Besides the above mentioned technical aspects, the lightning conditions and the lenses to be used can bring out the maximum engagement in the photography session.

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