Go to the Fun Countries
Ben Thomas

Out of curiosity, what do you get out of traveling that you can’t get here in the US? If you love the danger so much, what separates going to a foreign country from going to the wrong impoverished neighborhood dressed to the nines?

You’ll still have to watch yourself to avoid getting robbed/murdered, and you’d get the same high of staying alive when half the people you meet would love to see you gutted like a fish.

Also (if you don’t mind…), how can you recommend traveling for someone (like me) who doesn’t pick up on social situations easily, and has no experience dealing with starving, desperate people? I understand there are few people who have it in them to hurt or kill someone just for the sadistic thrill of it, but if the contents of your pocket can feed their starving kids for 3 months, I can bet the situation changes.

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