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Brent Tworetzky
Feb 19, 2018 · 3 min read

I’m excited to share that I’m joining InVision, the world's leading digital product design platform, as SVP, Product Management. I'm eager to share what drew me to InVision and what you can count on from us in the years to come.

I, like many of you, believe that great digital products can change the world. In my career I’ve had the privilege to tackle challenges in personal health, education, economic opportunity, personal finance, and interpersonal relationships by building positive, behavior-changing digital experiences and businesses. By seeing first-hand the impact that digital products can have on every aspect of our lives, as well as how we rely on digital products more every day, I've come to believe that it has never been more important for us all to build better products. (In other words: more valuable, higher impact products.)

Along this journey I’ve had the good fortune to learn from superlative teachers and technologists at Mint, Chegg, Udacity, ClassPass, and XO Group. Having learned so much from others, I've found meaning in sharing the craft of product management with others, initially through 1:1 mentoring and apprenticeship, later through building up departmental curricula, product writings (i.e. this blog!), conference talks, and the New York Product Conference. An advisee said it nicely: “Improving our craft helps us all build products better.” (In other words: more efficient and successful product-making processes.)

Given my passion for helping product teams do the best work of their careers, it felt like the stars aligned when I met the team at InVision. CEO Clark Valberg, COO David Fraga, Head of Design Billy Kiely, and CTO Bjorn Freeman-Benson have been leading a design-first product development movement, through product design community building, thought leadership, and of course revolutionary product design software. InVision aims to be the operating system of product design and has quickly established a central role in today’s product development landscape. The company is committed to helping the world build products better, and they asked me to join them. To me, building a single organization’s product is a privilege. Helping potentially every organization build their products is a calling.

In my role, I’ll be helping this fantastic team move even faster, with even more alignment, and even more user centricity in the company’s bones to better serve product teams:

  • Expect the InVision product design suite to continue supporting teams to design and create products faster and smarter, from ideation (Freehand and Boards), to screen design and prototyping (Studio), to engineering handoffs (Inspect), to design system management (Design System Manager), with many exciting new additions and connections to come, along with the entire suite feeling even more cohesive.
  • Expect the InVision workflow to help bring user-centeredness deeper into an organization’s identity and consciousness through its signature ease of sharing, collaboration, and testability.
  • Expect InVision to bring the intelligence and support of the broader product design community into each user’s hands though well loved writings ( and more) and events (Design Leadership Forum and more) with more community contributions in the coming year — no one needs to design alone.
  • Expect that through InVision, you can build your product better, and collectively we will build better products.

I’m so very excited for this next step. Please share feedback and suggestions anytime on how we can help you and your team as we all strive to build products better and build better products.


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Brent Tworetzky

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SVP Product at InVision. Previously product leadership @ XO Group Udacity ClassPass Chegg