Choice Networks

Our lives are merely journeys from point A to point B — birth and death. But if we think more about these so-called points, A and B aren’t actually some static points: they both are parallel lines going from infinite left to infinite right placed at a distance from each other relative to the choices we make throughout our lives.

Our A (birth) is random as far as we are aware. We don’t really remember if we are the ones who chose what gender we would be, where we are born, the color of our skin etc. We are randomly ‘spawned’ somewhere on that infinitely long line. With this being done, we begin our journeys as human beings and confronted with the vast arrays of choices we have to take.

Life is a network of choices that leads us from a choice we take to another one that is related to the previous one and so forth. It can lead us on the right side of the canvas between the lines A and B for some time, then we make another decision and we go on the left side. It’s all a big canvas with big dots and we jump from one dot to another. Every choice and decision is a dot and every dot has infinite possibilities of expanding and reaching to one another.

For example, we decide to buy a car with which we travel across the country. There, it happens for us to meet a person who later in our lives, again with the power of a choice, we ask and let them become a part of our lives, our life partners. Together, we build our own family, have kids and one of our kids will revolutionize the food industry in the future. Now, if we decided not to buy that car but instead invested the money, our lives would have gone to a different route. We would have met our half at a business conference and together we’d build a technological empire. Our only kid would be one of the pioneers who one day would have colonized Mars.

There are limitless versions of our own deaths, too. We can die happy, we can die sad, we can die on our 103rd birthday anniversary, we can die before we even reach 65 years old, you name it.

Our choices shape our reality and not only ours. They can shape everyone’s reality if we decide to do something for the greater good of humanity. The effect of our decisions can last, transform and alter for whole generations, through our kids, their kids and their kids’ kids and their judgments.

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