Digital Nomad: Long Term Travel Packing List

Hello party people! Back in March, I have published my packing list for our life as digital nomads. We have been in 5 countries so far and my perspective on my luggage has changed quite a bit :D My backpack was lost for two days when we arrived to Medellín — that has also helped to put things into perspective. When I thought I would never see my belongings again there were only a few things without which I would’ve really been in deep shit. There is a fine line between packing way too much and then regretting it every step… and between not packing enough and then crying on the inside over things you would love to have. I think I have managed pretty… okay. But there are a few things that I would LOVE to have and a bunch of things I would love to just dump somewhere! When we get to Australia in September I plan on making a package with some things and send them away. In the meantime, I have also purchased a couple of things (and replaced others).

I feel pretty comfortable that my packing list is not pretty ideal for our way of traveling. That means traveling through different climate zones and being non-stop on the road for months or maybe even years. My luggage is as light as I could manage. I carry 18 kg on my back and 9 kg in my carry on. This is not very light — I know. But I am also on a (so far) never ending trip and need more than someone that knows they will just go to a few warm countries and then back home. It was hard to take all the scenarios into account but I think I managed.

The list is divided into categories:

Clothes (The basics I really really need)
Accessories (Some tools and add ons that are just necessary or make my life more comfortable)
Outdoor (Because we do a lot of Hiking)
Gadgets (Everything I think is really necessary while traveling)
Technology (How I manage to keep my work going)
Hygiene (this is very personal of course and will be different for everyone)

Here we go:


So, clothes. Here I had a lot of room for improvement. I was mostly fine, but I wish that I would’ve taken a few more “nice” things. After by now 6 months of constantly looking like a dirtbag hobo I yearned for some decent and normal looking clothes. Luckily I found a couple of things to complete my wardrobe (and got rid of some truly ugly things). Shoes and jackets are in the section outdoors.

(Please note that not all these clothes are the actual pieces that I own. I couldn’t find a proper picture of every piece, some are substitutes ;-))

Packing List: Clothes
Clothes Packing List


Didn’t regret or miss anything in this section. I just had to replace the backpack because it was super worn out and the glasses because they broke. Shame on you, Meller!

(My Sarong looks a bit different and my jewelry pieces as well. The rest is spot on ;-))

Packing List: Accessories
Accessories Packing List


My shoe selection for the ride was the worst. I mean all the shoes I have with me have been useful. BUT I never get to look normal with this selection :D My feet always scream “TOURIST” from miles away… this will be solved in Australia though! We are becoming ambassadors of XEROshoes and those sandals are practical, light and also look kinda elegant. I am in love! The climbing shoes are optional of course but I like having them with me in case of some bouldering opportunity :-)

(This selection is actually pretty accurate! My beanie is a bit less thick, the buff I have has another pattern and my Scarpas are red.)

Outdoor Packing list
Outdoor Packing list


As you guys know, we are digital nomads and therefore have to travel with a whole office. It has been pretty annoying at times but there is really nothing that I could spare. I regret that I didn’t invest in a Macbook but maybe in the future, I’ll have enough money for that. Some additional lenses would also be neat, but pretty much un-carry-able.

(My kindle has another case)

Technology Packing List
Technology Packing List

Travel Gadgets

In this section I have done pretty well, I have to say :-) My experience while traveling South East Asia has helped me a lot. Lukas often borrows things from me that he didn’t think about up front. And the padlock we share ;-)

This is not in that picture but I have all my documents in copies, some passport pictures and a sheet with embassy contacts. I recommend it to everyone and let’s all hope together that we’ll never need it.

(My head torch is blue and my clothesline is yellow ;-))

Gadgets Packing List
Gadgets Packing List


A bunch of these things need replacing all the time of course. The neatest thing so far: Dr. Bronners Soap. I love that thing and it replaces shampoo, shaving creme and shower soap. And it get’s through every security check without me being concerned about the milliliters ;-)

Hygiene/Cosmetics Packing List
Hygiene/Cosmetics Packing List

First Aid Kit

Of course, we also have a bunch of meds with us but I don’t think putting that in a picture will help anyone — since the products look different in every country. Here is a list of things that should be in anyone’s first aid kit IMO:

Malaria Medication
Band-aids etc.
Diarrhea Meds
Advantan Creme
Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
Allergy meds
Fever thermostat
Blister Patches

Oh, by the way: We also carry a tent and a cooker plus pots. I hope Lukas will never get tired of carrying that stuff, because if he did I would be screwed :D Hope this helps anyone that is getting frustrated with their packing list!

Hit me up with any questions you might have!

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