Si eres escritor y publicas de manera independiente, esto te interesa

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Hace un tiempo Abril Camino, escritora y correctora a la que sigo bastante en redes, publicó el siguiente post sobre la importancia de contratar a un buen corrector para nuestras obras: Corregir una novela: a quién contratar (y sobre todo, a quién NO contratar JAMÁS)

Me encantó por dos razones:

Well, this is my little plan for us to get there!

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Even in my most distant childhood memories, I have a pen in my hand. I loved to write fictional stories, poetry and newspapers plenty of made-up news.

And yet, more than thirty years later, I feel that I am not the writer that I want and need to be.

In my history, the concatenation of several factors is the basis of my discontent. Surely you share some with me:

How I deal with not being seen

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I started writing professionally in 2013. In my childhood, I wrote stories and poems. In my teens, I had collaborated with independent publications. So becoming a professional writer was a natural step.

I started publishing fiction, more specifically romantic and erotic gamebooks for adults. A very specific niche with little impact and visibility. And even less economic benefits.

Despite this, it was my first paid literary job, and I was proud of the project, and the least important thing to me was “being seen”.

That experience made me feel like I could earn money from what I wrote and eventually…

Maybe you are falling into them too

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Some decisions are difficult to make, especially when we are in trouble to meet daily expenses.

In this situation, accepting that poorly paid job, working for a boss who underestimates us and enduring infinite working days seems the only option, right?

Yes, all of us have taken jobs on those terms at some point in our lives, and I was about to do it not too long ago, once again.

What stopped me? Or rather, who? My husband.

When I told him what the job was about and my reasons for applying to it, he looked at me in the…

Haz que se queden en la mente del lector

Illustración cortesía de Raúl Gil (Two Tale Tellers)

Hace unos días me encargaron un relato de ficción de 300 palabras así que me propuse aprovechar cada una de ellas al máximo. Pensé en hacer algo corto pero impactante y en el proceso de analizar cómo debía hacerlo llegué a algunas conclusiones sobre qué hace que una historia nos resulte impactante y se quede con nosotros mucho tiempo después.

Y eso es lo que quiero compartir contigo en este post, por si pueden servirte para reflexionar y sacar las tuyas o incluso pueden ser herramientas para escribir tus propias historias.

Rompiendo las reglas

Nos pasamos la vida interiorizando reglas y conceptos. …

Make your story stay in the reader’s mind

Illustrations courtesy of Raúl Gil (Two Tale Tellers)

A few days ago I was commissioned to write a 300 words fiction story, so I decided to make the most of each one of them. I wanted to write something short but impactful and in the process of analyzing how I should do it, I came to some conclusions about why a story impacts and stays with us long after reading it.

Breaking the Rules

We spend our lives internalizing rules and concepts. Accumulating certainties. We learn what is good and what is not, we validate it with experience and all this process of learning makes us feel intelligent, comfortable, reasonable and…

How to work while it is whispering in your ear

Illustration courtesy of Raúl Gil (Two Tale Tellers)

In a chat with Érika Gael, writer, mentor and friend, the issue of insecurity came up.

«In the writing process, writers are always insecure about something. Insecurity never disappears, it only transforms.»

We came to the conclusion that insecurity is present in every step of the way. We feel insecure about the idea that sparks on our minds, we feel insecure about the quality of the first draft, and when we let other people read it we feel insecure about their reactions…

And that’s why one of the most important things in a writer’s career is to know how to…

And it shouldn’t matter to you either

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Have you ever thought to what extent the acceptance of others, whether you realize it or not, can change your work?

The comments of others about our work, even from people we do not know, can lead us to vary our criteria in order to obtain the approval of readers.

They can even make us believe that something that we have been working on for months and that we have planned with care, is not worth it.

And all because we have given such power to likes and dislikes, to the stars and comments, that our sense of acceptance is…

And the rest of the day

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In these uncertain times, we are having a hard time getting out of bed and out into the world. I see it around me every day. And I feel it in myself too.

And among the pessimism that surrounds us, we need thoughts that give us strength and hope and help us keep walking. To remind us that nothing bad remains, everything is cyclical, and that we will smile again.

There are four quotes by the huge Jimi Hendrix that have always helped me with that, and I want to share them with you, in the hope that they can…

Reflect a few minutes and definitely focus your career

Illustrations courtesy of Raúl Gil (Two Tale Tellers)

To start this article I am going to propose a challenge to you. Just like that. Write an answer to the question I am going to ask in less than a minute, in no more than three or four lines. Ready to read it? Well, here it goes:

What is your mission and what values guide your work as a writer?

Is everything clear? Okay, start the stopwatch and go for it!

Time is up! How has the experience been?

Have you been able to define in four lines and in an exact and concise way what guides you and…

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