Y el resto del día.

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“All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel.”

Todo lo que voy a hacer es seguir…

Si eres escritor y publicas de manera independiente, esto te interesa

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Well, this is my little plan for us to get there!

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How I deal with not being seen

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Maybe you are falling into them too

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Haz que se queden en la mente del lector

Illustración cortesía de Raúl Gil (Two Tale Tellers)

Rompiendo las reglas

Nos pasamos la vida interiorizando reglas y conceptos. …

Make your story stay in the reader’s mind

Illustrations courtesy of Raúl Gil (Two Tale Tellers)

Breaking the Rules

We spend our lives internalizing rules and concepts. Accumulating certainties. We learn what is good and what is not, we validate it with experience and all this process of learning makes us feel intelligent, comfortable, reasonable and…

How to work while it is whispering in your ear

Illustration courtesy of Raúl Gil (Two Tale Tellers)

«In the writing process, writers are always insecure about something. Insecurity never disappears, it only transforms.»

We came to the conclusion that insecurity is present in every step of the way. We feel insecure about the idea that sparks on our minds, we feel insecure about the quality of the first draft, and when we let other people read it we feel insecure about their reactions…

And it shouldn’t matter to you either

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And the rest of the day

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Two Tale Tellers

Raúl and María, using words and images to tell stories. Writers, designers, illustrators and teachers. http://twotaletellers.com/

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