Tech Resolutions for 2015

Launching the year with new resolutions, or at least setting a few high-flying goals, can be a motivating boost in the entrepreneurial startup world. Since we’re all tech lovers at Two Toasters, we asked our management team to share what they’d like to achieve in the digital world of 2015. We wonder how many they’ll achieve …

Rachit Shukla

For every day this year, I’m aiming to unplug and refrain from using any electronics for 1 hour. As well as going analog more, 2015 will be the year I limit Facebook usage, to engage friends and family in the real world more. Outside of tech, I want to train for a sprint triathlon — and finish it!

Adit Shukla

My New Year’s resolution is inspired by the 3D Printing I got into at the end of last year. Through Shapeways, I designed and printed our very own 3D Toaster in late December. I’ve since bought the first one — in red nylon plastic, rather than the $58,008.90 platinum model — which is now a proud member of our team in the office! So my resolution is to experiment with 3D printing more, and see where it can take me.

Matt Raimundo

I am looking forward to “cutting the cord” on my cable services in 2015. While this has certainly been possible over the past several years — with huge amounts of content that can be streamed through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the like — the biggest hurdle for me has always been losing the ability to watch live sporting events at home. At CES this year, Dish discussed its Sling TV offering, which will allow users to pay a low monthly fee ($20) for the ability to stream channels that have been previously locked away in cable bundles, including ESPN and ESPN2 (not to mention CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Travel Channel, Food Network, and Maker). I can see a lot of people saying goodbye to their cable bills this year, including me.

Josh Johnson

In 2015, I’d like to try something I’ve never been able to do before: Wear a watch. I’ve tried many times; I even bought one of those fancy Seiko Kinetic watches, but I just couldn’t keep it on. Now we’ll have so many watches that can connect to a phone and present information at a glance, how can I resist? I mean, I’d really like to build something awesome for the new Apple Watch or Android Wear but getting to the point where I can keep one on my wrist seems like an appropriate first step.

Kayla Bourgeois

I don’t usually make resolutions. But if I’ve got to focus, I guess this year I want to ride an electric skateboard. I’m really feeling the Yuneec E-Go, but at $700 I want to try before I buy. And then figure out where I could actually ride it. 2015 is also the year in which I dream Two Toasters will get a printer that actually works. Seriously. We can make cars that can drive themselves, but we can’t make a printer that simply functions?

Simon Kirk

My resolution this year is to learn about drones, possibly by starting with buying a drone. I’ve been wondering about what a drone tourist company would look like, where you are able to take over a drone in a remote country (like, say, France) and do some tourism, without ever leaving your home/office (Hello, Oculus!). I wonder where I would pilot my drone; obviously only at FAA-approved altitudes and not infringing on any privacy concerns. I think more drones in my life could make for a great 2015, which is why drones are integral to my New Year’s resolution.