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February was a busy month!

March will be even more bananas! 🍌 🍌 🍌

I’ve been waxing poetic in these introductory paragraphs & getting great feedback.

This week, I decided to thank & showcasing some of our customers and the awesome work we’re doing for them.

Proud to say every link in this issue is project related! 🤓 🎯

As always, thank you for reading!

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Alessandro Volta is the scientist who invented the battery.

Pure Cycles — Volta


This week we kicked off with Pure Cycles & their kickstarter campaign for their latest bike , the Volta. Check it out!

Stoked to have Frank on the project as he helped with a ride we did with them years ago with Levi’s. : )

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Gilles Berthoud & Vulpine at the Berliner Fahrradschau this week! — berlinerfahrradschau.de

We’ll be back at my favorite bike show this week supporting Gilles Berthoud & Vulpine. Guy has been helping get the word out about them and their booths at the show & say hello!

Since 1977. Quality bicycles, leather saddles, cyclotouring bags, stainless mudguards and various components and accessories made under one roof by a small team of French artisans.
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  • Vulpine:
2017 sees Vulpine celebrate their 5th Birthday, and they’re kicking it off in Germany!
See their new Spring Summer 2017 range launched in Berlin and check out two exclusive, beautiful bikes revealed for the first time, hand built by August Bicycles for their founders, Nick and his wife Emmalou to celebrate Vulpine’s anniversary.
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ByCycling — ByCycling announces the iOS app launch on the App… — blog-bycycling.tumblr.com 
 The Hague, 11th February 2017 — ByCycling International, the Spanish but Dutch based software company, announced today the final release of their new mobile application, available for iPhone on the App Store. ByCycling is an automatic Day-to-Day cycling tracker that helps people to be more active, rewarding their cycling effort while it encourages competition within colleagues and friends. The company works closely with medium to large employers, creating a specific incentive program to increase workforce health by stimulating bike to work.

Volata model 1c 00

The Volata Model 1C is an Urban Cyclist’s Dream | Highsnobiety — www.highsnobiety.com

“Smart bike purveyor Volata Cycles is back with another badass bike that’s purpose-built for the intrepid urbanite. Check out the Model 1C here.

We’ve teamed up with Alternative 138 to support Volata with pan-European PR and excited to showing the bike to media across Germany and in Amsterdam in the next week!


All-in-one event software

This is how Momice works


We’re kicking of with Momice today to help them with their outbound sales. Momice is a local Amsteram SaaS startup that was developed by and for event professionals control all communications with their visitors from one environment. The Email, Registration, Website and Survey modules are interlinked. Check it out!


Nomensa growing in the Benelux — www.nomensa.com

Nomensa a strategic UX design agency that combines expertise in psychology, interaction design and technology to transform digital experiences. Michel is 2 months into doing lead gen for this Bristol based company to expand in the Benelux.


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Blinkers.io — www.blinkers.io

Over the past three months we’ve been connecting Zürich based Blinkers.io to distributors & retailers in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Benelux. Click through and sign up for their newsletter. Big news soon!

Optimizely logo blue small

Enterprise Account Executive — Benelux at Optimizely — boards.greenhouse.io

Our last host for the bi-monthly speaker series we co-organize, Sales Hacker Amsterdam, is looking for an Enterprise Account Executive with a minimum of 5–10 years of proven experience selling enterprise software solutions. Would be an awesome place to work!

Cu thumb

Gorilla Guerrilla Marketing with Neuro Flash — neuro-flash.com

Fun post from a recent outbound lead generation client Neuro Flash on how to stand out at a conference using guerrilla marketing techniques. Learn more how psychology and neuro-marketing can be effective for being remembered.


Logo rot

OBST&GEMÜSE — Turning 8 this summer! — www.obstundgemuese.org

We’re excited to be kicking of with the legendary Basel based bike shop OBST&GEMÜSE later this week while we’re all in Berlin.

Can’t let the cat outta the bag yet but start by

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Here’s to thanking & showcasing your customers this week!

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