Nº81 t(-_-t) Advice when most needed is least heeded 🗣️ 🙉

Learning the hard way & not listening when you should are common mistakes.

Whether its burning 10 million dollars in a startup or burning down your house trying to kill bees with fire. Before they even picked up the match, I bet people urged them to learn before they burned.

Seth Godin recently answered the following question quite well:

What advice do you have for people who are just beginning their careers?

He replied on Quora:

1. What habits are going pay off in the long run? What patterns, instincts and rituals do the people you seek to emulate follow? Emergencies now become emergencies later.
2. What assets will you need? This begins with education, but it quickly becomes things like:
  • People in your rolodex who are eager to work with you.
  • Work experience that you encountered the hard way.
  • Resources, particularly cash, that will give you leverage later.
3. Who trusts you? What would happen if more people did?

He concludes with the notion that the scale doesn’t matter. No one is keeping score of who’s a millionaire by 26. It doesn’t matter. The process matters. What’s your process for ensuring you learn before you burn?

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#positiveattitude #negativestem | David of Fahrstil’s shirt at the Fahrradschau

The 5 main highlights of the Berliner Fahrradschau


I had the opportunity to share some of my favorite things about this year’s Berliner Fahrradschau on calamaro.cc! Thanks Stefano!

Want more photos? Peek Fahrstil’s report!

p.s. proud to say our clients Vulpine & Gilles Berthoud + our friends at My Wild Love all won Soigneur Excellence awards at the show!

Collection2017 800x510

Vera Cycling — veracycling.fr

I picked up two matching caps from Vera Cycling for my wife & daughter at the Berlin Bike Show. They’re all handmade in North of France. They do custom orders too! More on insta & FB.

Windblock image by  wjstde 1024x682

Work with Martin on the TABR 2017 — themartincox.co.uk

He’s ridden across Europe, raced in the Transcontinental bike race and, now, trying to surprise his wife 1200 miles away. Martin is looking for help from brands for his Race Across America effort.


Undeveloped feat

Rockstart alumni Undeveloped: From idea to exit in three years — www.rockstart.com

My friends & former client Undeveloped just announced the company has been acquired by Epik.com.

Undeveloped is a domain marketplace that simplifies access to all domain names and safely connects the owner to the buyer.

Nice work guys!

237421 pirates of pr.co 18a434 original 1487841067

Dutch startup pr.co raises €400k seed round, nine years after inception — siliconcanals.nl

The Amsterdam-based PR software ‘startup’ that helps companies craft and distribute press releases, raised a seed round of €400.000 from an entrepreneurial group of angels and Woodwing Ventures. Nice work Stefan & co!

Bensouthworth 3feb 006 s 1

Q&A: Ben Southworth co-founder of Unicorn Hunt on why he doesn’t like being called a ‘serial entrepreneur’ — techcitynews.com

My bud Ben Southworth, was interviewed by Tech City News. Check it out!
Teaser: His top 5 tips for anyone starting a tech company?

  • Don’t bullshit yourself.
  • Be the only person in the world who knows how to kill your idea.
  • Tell your story with pride.
  • Learn new skills. Can’t code, won’t code? Get over it, those emails don’t code themselves. Get outside of your comfort zone.
  • Patience. It’s gonna take a while.


“Becoming a ‘brand’ as a journalist is very important”
Journalism facebook 829341677dd80dcacde53ff9a40deb76436389109d6de5729db5010b6ac7b77a

The changing relationship between journalists and their audiences — www.getrevue.co

A survey conducted among 130 journalists shows that the spotlight is shifting. Journalists engage heavily with readers directly, who in turn are more likely to follow the journalist rather than the publications.

Publications try to sell subscriptions & journalists sell themselves. Interesting take on sales in the news related to newsletters from the team at Revue!

3 quick tips to get a better email response rate

3 Quick Tips to Get a Better Email Response Rate — www.jeffbullas.com

Age-old marketing best practices, and not ‘new tricks’, are what will help you improve you get a better response rate. 
Related new favorite tool?

TinyMails — Aims at encouraging brevity in correspondence, by showing the character count of the currently typed email in Gmail. #winning!

Freelancers show thumb

148 FS How to Attract Clients Without Doing Sales with Jonathan Stark — devchat.tv

The Freelancers’ Show discusses the challenges that freelancers face. This episode is about a more passive approach to sales and will be certainly, extremely comfortable for anybody in the technical field.


Simple lessons to get you going fast & startup stories to inspire your growth.

The Build Cycle Podcast from Tyler of Bike Rumor


Last week Tyler from Bike Rumor shared this new project with me. It’s rad!

In his words:

Do you want to launch your business but don’t know where to start? Or are you just looking to refine your processes, marketing and branding. Or see how others are doing it? […] No matter what you’re starting, there’s someone that has done something similar, and The Build Cycle is the place to learn from them.

Check out some episodes here. Keep it up Tyler!

“the continual learning from other entrepreneurs that inspires me” — Tyler

Here’s to learning before you start burning this week!

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