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I just read about Earl Tate. He is a volunteer crossing guard that has made generations of kids smile in Wilmington, Delaware.

He has been watching over an intersection in northeast Wilmington every school day for 19 years. He does it for free, and he loves it. He, like me, is fond of rhymes. ; )

Tate said he wants to teach children to “use their mind for more than just a hat rack.”
“Once you learn how to do it up here,” he said, pointing to his head, “you got it made in the shade.”

The story is a ‘feel good’ local news article but also so much more that that. Earl makes a real and lasting difference for the kids in his neighborhood. His consistent presence & positive message is inspiring. This story should make you wonder what little things you can do each day to help others along their way. Who knows, perhaps someday you’ll be known for it!

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“The ones that stand out because of their distinctive outlook and passion…”

T R A I L B L A Z E R S // indie makers of the cycling industry


noun: trailblazer; plural noun: trailblazers; noun: trail-blazer; plural noun: trail-blazers
 1. a person who makes a new track through wild country
 2. a person who is the first to do something; an innovator

My friend Lian (@saltlake_lian) is starting a new photo series.

Know independent makers and manufacturers in the cycling industry that she should feature? Read more about the project & suggest a person here.


#ShutUpLegs Charity Ride Sept 2 — www.shutuplegscharityride.com

This years ride with Jens Voigt will follow a circular route around the New Forest covering 52 miles of sporting roads. The field to a maximum of 120 riders & all the money raised will go to the Epilepsy Society. More info here.


“International” Handmade Bicycle Show: the winners — www.bikebiz.com

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show really ought to be the International Handmade Bicycle Show…

Nice coverage from the guys at BikeBiz on NAHBS!



Outlier CEO Abe Burmeister: “Scale doesn’t make problems go away, it makes them bigger.” — leanluxe.com

The hardest lesson I have to keep learning over and over is that you cannot grow your way out of problems. Scale doesn’t make problems go away, it makes them bigger. So you need to identify problems as soon as possible and confront them head on, otherwise they’ll expand and blow up in your face later.”

18 young London female entrepreneurs that will inspire you to be your own boss — www.standard.co.uk

The careers for women were once expected to follow a certain trajectory, one that involved limited leadership opportunities and the expectation to fulfil domestic and maternal roles. But these days, not only are women rising to the challenge of Britain’s top level jobs, they’re also starting their own business empires.

Cool to see my friend Caren Hartley in this list!

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30 popular tech companies to work for in The Netherlands — blog.cocoonapp.co

Cocoon made a list of Startups, Scaleups, Agencies and other tech companies that need new talent to fuel their growth.


Prospecting what works

Prospecting in Sales — Cold Calls, Email and Social Selling — www.fillthefunnel.com

If you want to start an argument in your sales circles just ask an “expert” what works when prospecting in sales: cold-calls, email or social selling… (This webinar might be worth a listen)

Sales hacker u

Sales Hacker U: the School for B2B Sales Professionals — www.saleshacker.com

Max & the team at Sales Hacker have launched an on-demand elearning sales course marketplace. Here is what you will find in Sales Hacker U:

  • 3 years of Sales Hacker conference sessions
  • Tactical app focused sales training courses
  • Structured training courses and curriculums
  • Webinars and Demos
Leadboxer icon square whitebg 144w

LeadBoard | LeadBoxer — www.leadboxer.com

The guys at LeadBoxer have done a complete redesign of their user interface, both under the hood and of functionality/ features.

The result is a State-of-the-Art look & feel which is cleaner, and ups the bar on real-time lead identification and intelligence reporting.


28.04.2017, 6pm. 550–600km | One stage, self-supported, no stopwatch.

Candy B. Graveller


The Candy B Graveller is a self-supported (see Code) Bikepacking adventure that follows one of the flight corridors that were used during the Berlin airlift. Starting at the Luftbrückendenkmal in Frankfurt the route runs through Ashaffenburg, Darmstadt and Fulda and finishes at the Luftbrückendenkmal in Berlin.

Here’s to helping others have it made in the shade this week!

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