Nº83 ಠ_ಠ in lieu of taboo 🖕 😠

“One of the key underlying principles of swear words is that they work as a sort of linguistic weapon which automatically triggers negative emotions in the brain of the listener,”

Philip Seargeant in a post on Strong Language, a blog dedicated to swearing cited in this Quartz article. They continue to explain that taboo terms activate the same parts of the brain that respond to negative emotions: the amygdala and the basal ganglia.

One can’t encounter a taboo word without involuntarily registering the negative emotion associated with it,

Steven Pinker, a cognitive scientist at Harvard University, in a 2008 lecture.

The point of the article is the use of emoji muddles the effect with one exception: 🖕. My lesson from that? Trying to be clever with emoji doesn’t really work. Especially with dissess.

In other news, nine days ago was National Compliment Day and the guys at Rockboost pointed out in their newsletter:

Scientists have shown that people actually perform better when they receive more compliments. An HBR study showed that the highest performing teams gave each other 5 compliments for every criticism.

So maybe, to get the results you’re looking for, in lieu of taboo emoji swearing, keep it simple & focus on more compliments to get what you want? ; )

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Vernorbike 9573

Unsettle&Company’s cyclist of the week interview with Brian Vernor — www.unsettleco.com

Brian’s journey has been full of long rides, tough battles, and life lessons. He’s a perfect example of why the cycling community exists: it’s a place of belonging. Check out their interview with him.

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Start to Meet Amsterdam March 23! — www.facebook.com

The guys at Start to Meet Amsterdam are exploring how to begin a new race team here in Amsterdam. They’re doing a presentation tomorrow evening: RSVP Here.

Dscf6062 2

LE TOUR DE INDE — Fixed gear through India — 8bar-bikes.com

I’ll never forget my rides in Hyderabad. These photos bring me back. Amazing.


Unicorn crop

Start-ups shouldn’t try to be unicorns — they should be zebras — qz.com

A year ago Quartz wrote “Sex & Startups.” Their premise was this:

The current technology and venture capital structure is broken. It rewards quantity over quality, consumption over creation, quick exits over sustainable growth, and shareholder profit over shared prosperity. It chases after “unicorn” companies bent on “disruption” rather than supporting businesses that…

But hey, if you can’t be a unicorn or a zebra… Maybe a magic pony?


Growth Hacking Tools, Techniques & Secrets — Growth Insights #1 — www.youtube.com

In this brand new video series Growth Tribe shares growth hacking tools techniques on a tri-weekly basis.

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Your team doesn’t work for you. You work for them. — hackernoon.com

  • Your people need a threshold level of responsibility to get creative
  • Your people need missions and authority to reach peak productivity
  • You are in the best position to unblock people
  • This is how your people learn — and how you learn


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Sales Reps, Stop Asking Leading Questions — hbr.org

Clumsy attempts at consultative selling will backfire. 🙈

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In Search Of A Sales Mastery Program Manager Benelux — docs.google.com

The guys at Winning By Design are looking for a local Program Manager who will work with their US based Sales Experts to run our Sales Mastership programs. More info: roelof at winningbydesign dot com

20170308202448 gettyimages 479612746

4 Outdated Tactics That Sabotage Your Sales — www.entrepreneur.com 
 It seems counterintuitive, but you’ll close more deals if you stop pitching. Ask questions, listen and get to know what your prospective client really needs.


Get Stoked!
Grinduro fb logo600x600v2

Grinduro | Scotland — grinduro.com

After two amazing events in California, Grinduro is going international. Join us on the Isle of Arran on July 15 for a bike race and party you won’t want to miss. Stoked!

Here’s to effective emoji swearing & compliment sharing this week!

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