⋛⋋( ‘◇’)⋌⋚ Nº93 birds of a feather flock together 🐦 🐤

This past weekend was Rapha Rides Amsterdam!

Nearly 600 people attended the events throughout the weekend. I personally did the Chase the Sunrise ride, Camping Trip & Urban Secrets ride. Each were awesome!

Photos of the events are here: Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3.

What struck me as great about the whole theme was making the events inclusive & broad. Sure there were a lot of familiar faces & ok, it was still about bikes but there were a lot of new people trying and learning new things. I’m really stoked on that.

One thing cycling has doen for me is to blur social & professional circles. I new encounter people with differnent tastes, opinions and beliefs on the bike every week. Doing this consciously is more important than ever to mitigate the homophily that social media’s algorithms now propagate.

“What do you do with homophily? This effect, birds-of-a-feather stick together, is a natural social phenomenon replicated in social networks. You see it show up in those lovely network graphs that demonstrate, for example, that people on two sides of political debate rarely coincide on social networks. But when you do any type of algorithmic curation (as PeerIndex did, and Facebook does), you make explicit choices on whether to accentuate homophily or reduce it.” — Azeem Azhar

How do you find birds of a different feather?

As always, thank you for reading!

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Bonus: Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (113 Models Explained)

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There’ll be some Ritchey Road & MTB bikes for demo too!

Gino’s C13 Ride


On Sunday June 18, we’re organizing a ride with Brooks Nederland and Gino Carts & Bikesin honor of the Brooks Cambium C13. Come down to Belgium & roll with us!

Around the world bikepacking kit josh ibbett 3

Josh Ibbett’s Around-the-world Bikepacking Kit — www.bikepacking.com 
 Ever wonder what goes in an around-the-world bikepacking kit? In this video, Josh Ibbett goes over every item in his 12-month gear list, bag by bag…

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JERSEY Pedal II / 001 cycling — kirschnerbrasil.cc

“The Pedal II is the evolution of our bestselling Pedal I jersey, featuring a refined race cut. Its red and gray colorway is inspired by riding into the vibrant sunrises and sunsets”

PRE-ORDER Kirschner’s newest jersey here.



Think like a startup — what Loic learned in Silicon Valley — www.youtube.com 
 As an entrepreneur and investor, Leade.rs Founder Loic Le Meur knows what extraordinary people are made of, and understands the conditions and behaviours that make the best companies exactly that. (start your own newsletter shoutout at 41:36)

Lnr invite landing

Listnride | Bikesharing without the hassle — en.listnride.com

Already quite strong in Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Vienna, this startup that I first saw years ago at the Berlin Bike Show is expanding quick! Here is how it works.


Helping Your Team Imagine the Possibility of New Technology. — www.hugeinc.com

“Helping Your Team Imagine the Possibility of New Technology.” Great post by my bud Luke Stiles from Huge.


“Should we just stop making sales calls all together then?”

Cold Calling Isn’t Dead, But The Way You’re Making Calls Is Pissing Off Your Customers


There is a huge amount of debate about the best approach for reaching out to people when you are prospecting…

The old school sales approach is to grab the phone book, and simply cold call everyone, starting from A and ending with Z.

Then this recent wave of new age folk who are advocating social selling are nullifying the need to even touch a phone.

And then, of course, there’s a bunch of people who are stuck between the two…. Nice post Andy!


Marketing Automation Tools, Content Marketing Tools & AI Content Creation — Growth Insights #4 — YouTube — www.youtube.com

This episode is all about Marketing Automation Tools. Nice shout out to Clearbit & goodsalesemails.com

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How do we get more subscribers, followers, and signups? — m.signalvnoise.com

TL;DR You need explicit calls to action.


Dk200 ellacycling 7308

Photo gallery: 2017 Dirty Kanza 200 — cyclingtips.com

Two-thousand adventure seekers tackled the 200 grueling miles (322 kilometres) of dirt and gravel that make up the Dirty Kanza 200 over the weekend. What a rad event! Props to my bud Bregan on all the work he’s done promoting it in the past few year! : )

Here’s to flying with birds of a different feather this week!