Tips to Secondary Glazing

Upgrading the thermal performance of your windows is extremely important during winters. As the time goes by, old windows start distorting at joints and air leakage starts happening through the windows. Secondary glazing allows the windows to be able to sustain for long time without repairs and reduces the heat loss or air leaks. According to various studies, it is been found that most of the heat loss is caused by radiation and conduction. However it can be decreased significantly by choosing secondary glazing utilities that help in reducing the heat flow. Apart from above, secondary glazing also provides various other benefits like reducing the noise transmission or increasing the thermal performance.

Understanding Secondary Glazing

Magnetic Secondary Glazing is a second type of protection given to doors or windows with the help of which one can easily get better air quality and keep your home warm. New dedicated secondary glazing provides additional thermal protection. One can use either a glass or plastic sheet as secondary glazing. Many people even plan secondary glazing on plastic roofing and therefore the overall quality of their household greenhouse becomes quite intact.

Repair window openings

With the help of metal or hardwood, one can restore even poor condition of windows. Solid wood can be used to make windows more durable and of high-quality. Before going for an upgrade, one must ensure that windows are repaired and are in functional condition. Once glazing is complete, cleaning and painting can be chosen for renovating the space. After repairing, subsequent steps should be taken for choosing secondary glazing of preferred design and style. At the time of choosing glazing ventilation options should also be checked in and if glazing is going to help condensation or not.

Secondary glazing systems — materials

While you are choosing secondary glazing for the outdoor portion of your house, it is important you pick up a material that is similar to the design of your building and also goes well with it. If in case you find it difficult to make the choice, you can even approach for assistance from experts, friends and family and seek their assistance. The choice holds utmost importance as it is going to impact the whole view of your place from outside.

Noise Insulation

Windows are quite susceptible to noise impact and therefore it is important to choose high quality seals for different places. With seals noise transmission can be reduced and you can get good insulation of your home. You can choose high quality seals between openings so that noise reduction can be done to up to 25 decibels. Secondary glazing of around 2 panes can also be created in both the panes and one need not have to compromise much in terms of quality. To ensure that complete purpose is met one must make diligent choice of glazing material. By opting for a right material its longevity and durability can be decided and also one can experience complete benefits out it.


By following tips mentioned above perfect form of secondary glazing can be performed which shall not only meet your purpose but also will live your home a perfect place to live in.