Emily Pettit Poster

While you explained how to survive / A long fall, I could not stop thinking about / How to escape from a sinking car

  • Paid freelance project for the Carnegie Mellon Department of English
  • Print Design

In the spring of my senior year, I was asked by the Department of English to design a poster for an upcoming reading by Emily Pettit.

The poster is intended to be provocative rather than informational, because the primary audience — English students at Carnegie Mellon — already know where and when the reading will take place but need an extra push to show up.

I designed the poster based off of my own reading of Pettit’s work. Her use of repetition and gleeful appropriation of internet grammar reminded me of Pop Art, so I worked with bright colors and repeating organic forms. I chose this particular text because it was about love, and would resonate with an audience of college students.