Hayao Miyazaki Poster

Getting up close with Miyazaki’s dark side

  • Solo project for 51–261: Communication Design Fundamentals (Sophomore Year)
  • Print Design

Although Hayao Miyazaki makes children’s films, they are often wicked and brutal; exploring the worst parts of human nature.

In my sophomore year of college I was challenged to make a poster for a fictional Miyazaki film festival. Although the text and typeface were were specified in the assignment brief and could not be changed, we had free reign over color, graphic elements, and the way text was laid out on the page.

The character I chose to feature on this poster is No-Face from the film Spirited Away, a mysterious bathhouse patron who consumes everything within reach and appeals to the greed of the staff with what appears to be solid gold. I chose this particular character because he is iconic, instantly recognizable, and evokes Miyazaki’s darkest themes.

This particular variant of No-Face’s mask is taken from the train ride at the end of the film. The blank and yet somehow pained expression engages the viewer, silently asking that they confront their own gluttony and greed.