My PGH Parks

Designing for a walk in the park

  • Information Sytems Capstone Project (Junior Year)
  • Project lead on a three person team
  • Native iOS Development, UX Design, Mobile Devices

The biggest barrier to visiting a park is not knowing what to expect. This could mean anything from not knowing where to park, what trail to use, or how to find a bathroom.

In my junior year of college, I worked on my Information Systems Capstone project for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. The PPC is a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of Pittsburgh Residents by maintaining and encouraging the use of city parks.

The PPC wanted a mobile app to help residents find, navigate, and discover new things to do in city parks. In addition, they wanted to encourage residents to interact with the PPC; either by connecting to the PPC on social media or by collecting donations.

Our solution was straightforward and simple: a digital trail map that highlighted points of interest around the park for people to explore. The simplicity of our design also helped with development: our team was mostly novice programmers, so by sticking close to the platform guidelines we were able to deliver an app on time that was robust and easy to use.

The apps are live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and our client, Lauryn Stalter, Online Engagement Coordinator at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, had this to say about working with us:

Thank you all SO MUCH for your brilliant work this semester. I already knew that you all did an incredible job, but was extra proud [watching your demo] on Friday. Parks and Rec was the best group, hands down.
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