Its’ Ok to Be An Imperfect Guru

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Sometimes what you “know” doesn’t help you or make sense until an appointed time. Sometimes you don’t walk in what you “know”. Sometimes, something can make sense or feel like common knowledge, and you just don’t connect to it, even though it sounds good. Sometimes, you share concepts and life wisdoms that sound good or are relevant to others, but those same concepts aren’t intertwined in your life as best as they could be. Sometimes its just easier to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

Some of us spend our life collecting the many wisdoms known to human kind in order to live with the highest intention and clarity. We gather wisdom thru reading personal or mental development materials, acquiring formal knowledge through schooling, reading and memorizing spiritual texts, and going on personal pilgrimages with hopes of arriving to a higher state of consciousness. In recent times, I know motivational memes have become popular, along with the practice of collecting compelling and insightful quotes.

…our ability to KNOW a truth and ACTUALIZE a truth is not the same thing.

As humans, we are an extremely curious and analytical species. We want to know the answers to life’s biggest questions. We want to be equipped enough to live our best life. However, our ability to KNOW a truth and ACTUALIZE a truth is not the same thing. Knowing a truth (cerebrally understanding/comprehending a truth) vs. actualizing a truth ( spiritually understanding and implementing a truth in your daily walk) are two very different subset of skills.

The tightrope with “insightful” or “wise” people is that thru acquired knowledge or steady observation they can know and speak on a matter without actually living or being fully connected to it. To say that giving is important, is one thing. To give because you “know” its important is one thing. Then to give with, and receive joy in return of the exchange, is an experience of a totally different plane. The other side of the coin, is that others may disregard what a seemingly wise or insightful person may say because of perceived expertise void of life experiences. For example, a child speaking to adults, or a single person giving advice to a married couple.

I have been blessed with an intense propensity of emotional intelligence, both intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence wrapped up with spiritual insight that places me ahead of my own life experiences, ever since I was a child. I would get an insight, and understand it only to a degree, and later grow in understanding and become deeply connected to it.

As I realized this about myself, I became even more aware of public figures and just everyday people, whose lives didn’t seem to match up with their image, their spoken knowledge or the gifts they share with the world. How can someone sing about the beauty of love, make you cry, but be a batterer in private? It stumped me. So I made efforts, to makes sure what I said and did was in alignment as much as possible. Especially since I speak and write about self love and wellness.

Through reflection, it began to make sense to me. Our gifts are often times a testament of Gods (or whatever source you want to attribute our higher selves to) sacrificing love for us all. God blesses us with gifts that put others before us, and will hopefully, EVENTUALLY , have an impact on us. There’s a word I use to describe what it means for someone to step in, share, and be used thru their purpose or life calling: vesselship. When I say vesselship, it doesn’t even mean some huge Oprah-like quality or calling over life. Just you being utilized for a purpose greater than yourself, in order to impact someone else.

Check this out: sometimes the vesselship operates very separately than the vessel. Extreme example: A Christian pastor teaches about Christian virtues, yet lives a life that is contradictory to the teachings that she or he preaches so well. Well, their gift to touch lives and provide spiritual can be separated from their own journey. An outsider wouldn’t, doesn’t and can’t always understand the personal and spiritual journey that that particular vessel is on. That journey is a private expedition.

Sometimes the vessel’s vesselship is activated once the vessel actualizes the wisdoms they are called to share, other times, they are on a journey with those meant to receive their gifts, and other times, they become their own teacher and student, and there is a delayed actualization.

Sometimes our vesselship is not only for the world, but also our own benefit. When it comes to the gift of knowledge and insight to propel the human experience, timing is everything. You never know who needs your vesselship at an appointed time; therefore your obedience to activate and live in your vesselship, may be to offer what's necessary for others at a given time, and your particular time for understanding has yet arrived.

No one is perfect. Every vessel is flawed.

So what does this all mean? The infamous, do I say, not as I do. Sometimes, its hard for us to see ourselves. Sometimes, its hard for us to act on the advice and insight we give to others. I just want to let you know that its ok. No one is perfect. Every vessel is flawed. If you’re touched to do something, no matter how grand or simple, big or small, just do it. You never know what your vesselship can do for some one else.

If you come across something you want to share with another, share it, even if its not a real-time actualized way of life for you. BE obedient to the calling of the gifts you want to share with the world. We love sizing each other up, judging one another, or determining another’s value or worthiness of being who they are, when we could just focus more on how we can support, lift up, love, and positively impact one another.

Tiffany Wright, MSW

Written by

Mental Health Practioner &Advocate, Self Love Ambassador & Wanderluster. Co-Founder of Info at

Tiffany Wright, MSW

Written by

Mental Health Practioner &Advocate, Self Love Ambassador & Wanderluster. Co-Founder of Info at

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