April 19: Bio-Media

The reflections should involve comparing and contrasting that week’s readings and formulating an example from your own experience and/or current events that either illustrate or undermine key concepts from the readings. Links to videos and images are recommended.

This week’s readings discussed the definition of bio media and the applications for bio media. Bio media seems to be the integration of two disciplines, computer science and molecular biology. With computer science, operators program softwares to do their work and calculations for them. And with molecular biology, operators focus on the deoxyribonucleic acid, otherwise known as DNA, to look for a sequence of the body. An example provided for bio media is cloning, and plant research. In addition to cloning and plant research, there have been bio media research on insects to exterminate pests and such. Researchers, who work on insects in the bio media field, focus on the genes of certain insects in order to prevent them from reproducing. This concept of preventing insects from reproducing is called Insect Growth Regulator, otherwise known as IGR. An example of this is the genetic sex change of a mosquito. The female Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for the spread of the disease Zika. By inserting male genes into the mosquito and releasing them into the wild, soon the Aedes aegypti will not have the ability to reproduce and the disease Zika will hopefully dissipate. With the idea of programming from the computer science field, and the closer look of DNA from the molecular biology field, bio media is created. Bio media aims to help make the world a better and safer place for all of us to live in. Just by changing the genes of plants, there is a possibility to feed the growing world population and prevent the use of pesticides, making the environment and air around us safer to breathe.

An Aedes aegypti mosquito that transmit the disease Zika
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