Review on Freshippo Supermarket

Tong Xinran
Oct 24, 2019 · 4 min read

At first, I wanted to go to h&m for my field trip design, but my friend asked me if I wanted to buy some fruits as we went back to dorm, so we went to Freshippo. I suddenly realized that this is a supermarket that provides me with countless convenience, and its intelligence is far better than other supermarkets of the same kind, so I decided to go to Freshippo for my field trip design.

Brief Introduction

Freshippo is Alibaba perfect reconstruction of new retail forms on the offline supermarket. Freshippo are supermarkets, restaurants, and also a vegetable market. but the description seems to be not so accurate t,because consumers also can download the Freshippo app and shop online.And one of the biggest characteristics of Freshippo is the fast delivery: Within 3 km of the store,30 minutes delivery.


Entering from the front door of the supermarket, the first thing I saw was that customers can order food in this area. The chef would cook with fresh seafood, and the process is highly transparent. Customers can choose seafood by themselves and see the cooking process.

It says free processing

Super Fresh!

Other Areas

Freshippo supermaket is divided into a number of areas where consumers can make purchases based on the categories they want.

It is also clear on the shelves which items are on sale

We bought some wonton cheese and bacon for midnight snack

the Most Special Area

These bags are for takeout food

After the food is processed, it is put into the bags and transported in a linear way through the conveyor belt, which is efficient and labor-saving

The conveyor belt is located on the ceiling, saving space and causing no inconvenience

This is where the workers process take-out food for delivery

That’s how it works!

the Smart Checkout Area

Consumers can pay their own bills by scanning the bar code into the machine and using WeChat or Alipay, which greatly reduces the time spent in waiting for the artificial checkout service. Also, customers can clearly see the price of each item, and the unwanted items can be placed in the basket under the checkout machine.

So convenient!!


  • Provide a brief description of the company
  • What company the industry is it in?
  • Food.
  • What has been the company’s financial performance?
  • Freshippo supermarkets open for more than one and a half years, the average daily sales of the single store is more than 800,000 yuan.
  • Who are some of the company’s competitors?
  • Yonghui Supermarket, WAL-MAT and so on.
  • What is the company most well known for?
  • Efficiency, convenience, complete variety, security guarantee,cheapness
  • Include photos/videos

  • What is the company trying to deliver on?
  • Give customers the chance to enjoy a variety of delicacies near their home.
  • What sensory elements (visudo) they engage their customers with?
  • Automatic checkout machine
  • Provide a review of the “experience”
  • How successful are they are providing the experience?
  • They make it easy for customers to buy food and enjoy the shopping experience in different areas. Regional classification makes consumers no longer blindly buy goods, and automatic checkout area saves time, and the restaurant area allows customers to eat safe and secure food
  • What does the company do well?
  • Regional classification, automatic checkout, streamlined transport…
  • What are some missed opportunities?
  • The restaurant area of the supermarket should be separated from the fresh section and the general merchandise area, otherwise it will be too noisy and affect the dining experience
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