Collin County Bail Bonds in Texas

When someone gets arrested in Collin County, Texas, and you want to get a bail bond written, you’ll need to know which jail the person is before you even think about calling a bondsman. There are many resources online for this, but you might find it useful to consult the following document.

There are several different individual city jails in which a person can be incarcerated. Most of these municipal jails will only hold inmates who have been charged with traffic violations like driving on a suspended license, failure to appear (for a traffic violation), and the like. Most likely, the person will be booked in the Collin County Jail for more serious charges.

If you are the one who received the defendant’s initial phone call that they’re warranted, then you should be able to skip the above process of calling all of the jails and using the online inmate locator search tools. They will have told you which jail they were in when they called. If they happened to give you their booking number as well, make sure to write that down. It will be helpful to the bail agent when confirming the information with the jail.

3 Options for Collin County Bail Bonds

How Collin County Bail Bonds Work

After you’ve figured out the above information, it is now time to get familiar with how bail bonds work in Collin County, Texas. Basically, you have three options when getting someone released from jail. Your first option is to pay the full bail amount directly to Collin County Jail. This amount will serve as a surety that the person will appear for their court date.

Your second option is to hire an attorney who is licensed to write bail bonds in the jail that the defendant is currently being held in. The only problem most people have with this option is that people tend to get arrested outside of a lawyer’s office hours.

Your third option, which is what most people do, is to hire a bonding company. Below is a video we made on a process that can make this easier for you.

Collin County Bail Bonds Video
Is TxBailBonds.Org a Bonding Company?

How Collin County Bail Bonds Work

Calling a bail agent is usually the best option for most people. The biggest advantage to this option is that you don’t have to pay the full amount of bail. Depending on the co-signer’s qualifications and the defendant’s criminal history and current charges, the rate could be as low as 10% but could be as high as 20% of the original bail amount.

Another benefit of this option, as opposed to paying jail directly, is the convenience and piece of mind of having someone else go through the jail release process for you.

Here’s basically how bail bonds work in Collin County, Texas.

  1. The bonding company will pre-qualify the caller as the co-signer on the bail bond (surety bond).
  2. The bail agent will write the bond for the inmate.
  3. The co-signer will go in to the bonding company’s office to sign the paperwork. Some companies may be able to do this process via fax/email.
  4. The co-signer will pay 10%-20% of the bail amount directly to the bonding company.
  5. The bondsman will deliver the bail bond to the jail and get the person released.

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