How Bail Bonds Work in Texas

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From the minute someone gets arrested in Texas, they’re already thinking about how they’re quickly they can be released from jail. They think that as soon as they get booked into jail, they can make a phone call to a bondsman and be released. While this may be common thinking, there is a bit of disillusionment with this idea. This isn’t how bail bonds work anywhere in Texas.

First, a person has to be fully “booked” by the jail. After that, bail will be set by a document known as a bail schedule. Alternatively, a person will remain incarcerated until they can be seen by a judge. It all depends on which county or locality in which the person was arrested. If bail is immediately set by the jail’s adherence to a bail schedule, then a person can then call a bondsman. What will mostly likely happen though, is that they will have to see a judge the next business day. Once bail is set, then that person can make the phone call to a bonding company. Some people try to get a bail bond before bail is even set. Don’t waste your time. No Texas bonding company is going to be able to help you at that point. After bail has been set, you can then get a bond. Here’s a quick video on how our TX Bail Bonds website works.

Another point to keep in mind is that although most people CAN call a bondsman from jail, they aren’t going to be able to finalize anything. The jail won’t give them access to any of their personal belongings, like a Texas ID, proof of residency, pay stubs, etc. All of these documents are required for a bond in Texas. What will happen is they will call someone to be a co-signer. That’s where you come in.

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Getting a Texas Bail Bonds Company to Work for You

One of the most important steps in getting a bail bond in the state of Texas is locating which jail your friend or loved one is being detained in. To get a bonding company that works for you, you’re going to want to be able to give them all of the pertinent details ascertaining to the charges, the name of the inmate, which jail in Texas they’re in, and their date of birth (or approx. age).

How the Bail Bonds Process Works in Texas

There are so many people who call a bail bondsman that don’t have half of this information and expect their friend or loved one to be released. This can’t happen without the above information.

The following resource will help you work out in which jail to look for the inmate.

Here’s another quick tip. Know that you’re going to have to co-sign on the bond. If the person you’re trying to bond out has a chance that they’re not going to make it to their upcoming court date, we would advise against getting a bond written for that individual. Here’s why: you will be held financially liable for the full amount of the bond if that person doesn’t show.

They will immediately put out a warrant for that person and the bonding company will have to pay for the full amount of bail that was mandated by the judge or the bail schedule. After that, the bonding company will legally hold you financially responsible for any of their ‘losses.’ This could include losing any collateral that you put up when signing the original bail bond.

Another brief guide on how bail bonds work in the state of Texas

Not that we don’t WANT you to bail someone out of a jail, no matter which county or city in Texas they happen to be detained in, but we want you to be educated when it comes to the entire bonding process.

Read the attached documents and you’ll know more of how a bail bond works in Texas. After that, all you have to do is call a bondsman to get someone out. It’s that simple.

If you’re still a bit unsure about how the bonding process works, this storify conglomeration will definitely point you in the right direction.



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