Re: The Bans

In the wake of September 11th, former President George W. Bush made it clear that the United States was not at war with Islam. As an atheist, it is not my place to judge a religion or its adherents. I am smart enough to realize when actions are acts inspired by religion and when acts are political actions that use religion as an excuse. Terrorist atrocities under the guise of “Radical Islam” are not acts of religion; they are violent acts with clear political (or personal) goals that only use Islam as an excuse.

I can understand the difference. Any rational human being can. But the fact that there are some in the current administration and GOP power structure that cannot understand this is befuddling and maddening.

Today’s executive actions are a grandstanding joke, made by a President that has little to no understanding of geopolitics (and he doesn’t care). The fallout of the refugee crisis is not because of the presence of Syrians, but a clear result of European governments lacking a serious plan to realistically address the dire humanitarian issue. Instead, they opted to vacillate between welcoming them with open arms and holding their religion and their ethnicity against them.

However, the numbers and the refugees are only footnotes into larger problems engulfing Europe. These are socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues brought on by failing to address the legitimate flaws of the European Union’s bureaucratic structure. The refugees were a breaking point.

Reasonable world leaders would recognize this. Donald Trump is not a reasonable world leader.

So as the Trump administration continues to show how clueless it is by enacting a refugee suspension program that will do nothing along with other visa restrictions that will do nothing — except show that the administration will be openly hostile towards Muslim countries and communities for the sake of scoring political points with a vile, selfish, xenophobic, and virulently nationalist slice of the electorate, I openly wonder what will happen when the expected payoffs don’t occur and what will the administration and the minions, basking in the Christian hypocrisy of the American civil religion, will do next.