Commissioner Bush announces agencywide ban on Comic Sans

AUSTIN, Texas — In tandem with his plan to foster technological innovation at the Texas General Land Office, Commissioner George P. Bush today announced an agencywide ban on the use of the font Comic Sans in all agency documents and correspondence:

“As land commissioner, I am committed to making the GLO a technological leader in state government. While this unrefined font is appropriate for early childhood instruction in our Texas schools, the use of Comic Sans is not befitting when conducting business on key matters concerning the state of Texas. Comic Sans has no place at an agency positioning itself as a technological pioneer.”

The ban, effective immediately, follows a series of steps taken by Commissioner Bush to ensure agency employees present themselves in a professional manner at all times.

“The use of Comic Sans in any state of Texas business is an aesthetic tragedy of the highest degree,” said GLO Publications Director Chris Elam. “Texans who conduct business with the GLO can be confident that their eyesight will no longer be assaulted by this unsophisticated font choice.”

GLO employees have been advised that the Publications Division staff is on standby to assist with any typeface emergencies within the agency.

“Current agencywide substitute font recommendations are Helvetica, Times New Roman, or even Arial,” Elam said. “Any of the standard ones really. Except Papyrus. It’s terribad.”

Though the Texas General Land Office is the first government agency in the country to enact such a sweeping ban, it joins many established organizations, such as Ban Comic Sans and Comic Sans Criminal, in expressing its disapproval of this juvenile typeface.

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