“Duty and patriotism are commonplace here in the Valley,” said George P. Bush at the 10th anniversary celebration of the Alfredo Gonzalez Texas State Veterans Home in McAllen.

Extraordinary service in extraordinary circumstances: Sgt. Alfredo Gonzalez and supporting RGV veterans

In 2003, the Texas Veterans Land Board selected McAllen as the site of a Texas State Veterans Home because of the city’s overwhelming support for veterans. Over the past decade, the Alfredo Gonzalez Texas State Veterans Home has grown into a community that makes sure this home isn’t just a nursing home, but a place where honor lives.

The home celebrated its 10th anniversary with a veterans expo and car show on June 27, 2015.

The Texas State Veterans Home in McAllen is named for Sgt Alfredo Gonzalez.

Sgt. Alfredo Gonzalez, the home’s namesake, was like a lot of kids from the Rio Grande Valley. He was born and raised in Edinburg, played high school football and worked with his mother in the fields during the summer. And like many kids from the Valley, he had a powerful sense of duty.

Gonzalez wasn’t drafted into the Marines — he joined. Gonzalez served his tour of duty in Vietnam before coming back stateside as a combat instructor for other young Marines on their way to Vietnam. But when Gonzalez learned some of the men he trained had been killed in combat, he volunteered for another tour of duty. Gonzalez was compelled by his sense of duty to our country.

On Feb. 3, 1968, Gonzalez lost his life and earned our nation’s highest honor as he selflessly fought to save the lives of his fellow Marines near Hue City. He was only 21. President Nixon presented the Medal of Honor posthumously to Gonzalez for his heroism, courage and dynamic leadership in 1969.

Commissioner George P. Bush visits with Doila Gonzalez, mother of Sgt. Alfredo Gonzalez, at the 10th anniversary celebration.

Gonzalez’ name is on the Texas State Veterans Home in McAllen today because of his extraordinary service in extraordinary circumstances.

But he wasn’t alone in his sacrifice.

There is a proud tradition of service in our nation’s armed forces in the Valley. During World War II, Korea, Vietnam — wherever our nation called them to serve — young men and women from the Valley, like Gonzalez, pledged their lives to defend our Constitution.

Today, there are more than 42,500 veterans living in the Rio Grande Valley. This home is just one of the ways we try to repay them for their sacrifice.

“Texans support our veterans, and here in the Valley, that’s especially true.”
-Commissioner George P. Bush

The VLB Texas State Veterans Homes provide affordable, long-term nursing care for Texas Veterans, their spouses and Gold Star parents. Conveniently located across Texas, each first-class facility is designed to enhance quality of life with a clean, caring and dignified setting appropriate to those men and women who have served our country with honor.

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