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I started developing TxHash over one year ago with the goal of simplifying the process of integrating applications to blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The first MVP was launched in September last year. On January this year, we focus on generating traction. We achieved a service partnership with IFTTT. Afterwards, we got featured on Product Hunt and then managed to grow our community on Telegram to 8k+ members.

While developing our product, we identified a big problem we were facing on our architecture. Blockchains, as permanent ledger storing units, have an intrinsic problem, the more they…

Since the release of our whitepaper, our community has grown from a few hundred to many thousands. This impressive growth has given us the opportunity to gain valuable feedback on the TxHash Network. A number of technical questions have come up a few times, which we’d like to address in this post.

We’re super thankful for all the feedback we receive from our community and encourage discussion in our telegram group.

While most of the questions here are technical, we will look at the other aspects of our SaaS and TxHash Network in our upcoming posts!

As a decent developer…

Last week, we were invited to present the TxHash Network for the first time at Gnosis meetup in Gibraltar. On this weekly update we want to save words and let the video speak for itself – enjoy!

Our Community Is Growing

Our Telegram community has been growing and we have reached almost 5,000 members 🎉 In the upcoming weeks, we will be announcing community bounties!

If you haven’t joined yet, you can join us here:

To stay updated on all official announcements, join this channel:

Token Sale Update

We are super pleased about the massive interest in…

Most DLT networks rely — and are valuated — on robust decentralization of their ledgers. Several computers, also called nodes, connect to the same network and share the same information about transactions that are then appended to the ledger.

However, only those in the network that are able to economically compete to participate have incentives for running a node. Thus, it’s usually miners who are rewarded for securing the network, may it be by proof-of-work or other consensus based algorithms.

These consensus algorithms generally favor network participants with a high purchasing power: either those participants who own the best hardware…

When introducing TxHash, we’ve shown how crucial it is to connect our current web 2.0 applications and services to events on the blockchain. Built on a micro-service architecture, TxHash is bridging the gap between those two worlds — it’s the easiest way to connect any web or mobile application to blockchain events.

Today, we’d like to take it one step further and are excited to announce the TxHash Network — a new decentralized node economy powered by distributed ledger technologies (DLT) event tracking.

Bridging the Gap Between Web 2.0 and Blockchain Events


Currently, there aren’t any incentives in place for non-wealthy DLT node operators. Most DLT networks rely…

by Diego Araos (Founder of

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies have already started to disrupt many aspects of our financial system. However, the tools available to entrepreneurs and developers looking to build on the Blockchain are complex, taking time and resources to learn.

There needs to be a simple solution to connect our current web 2.0 applications and services to what’s happening on the blockchain.


TxHash is the easiest way to connect any web or mobile application to blockchain events.

Bridging blockchain events and apps

The Past

TxHash has a similar story to many tech products. It was built as a…

This is the official account for the TxHash SaaS platform and the TxHash Network

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