Blood Sugar Formula (Pure Health Research) Review — Does It Work?

Ibad Imam
Ibad Imam
Jul 17 · 5 min read

Blood Sugar Formula Review — Effective Blood Sugar Balance Supplement

Blood Sugar Formula is a highly potent blood sugar balancing dietary supplement by Pure Health Research. Produced in an FDA-approved facility, following Good Manufacturing Practices, this formula doesn’t compromise on quality. You can expect fast results and improved health without any adverse side effects of use.

Not only does it help balance blood glucose and stabilize insulin, it also helps manage blood pressure and cholesterol levels. By doing so, the product protects one from the heightening risks of many health problems ranging from diabetes to heart attacks and strokes. Made in the US and backed by a money back guarantee, the supplement seems reliable.

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Blood Sugar Formula Review

Ever experienced dizziness because of low blood glucose? Several of us have, even at younger ages. A spike or drop in blood sugar levels can be severely damaging to health when it becomes a constant risk looming above your head. It can cause diabetes which comes with symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, irritability, etc.

Diabetes, which is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, can even cause blindness and require amputation. It can be referred to as a slow killer which doctors control using countless medications which fail to entirely perfect a patient’s condition. Even if they improve your condition somewhat, these OTC drugs also have adverse side effects.

This is why many believe that natural solutions should lead the way. One organic product that you can rely on is Blood Sugar Formula. This dietary supplement can improve the health of users substantially. As the name hints, the product works mainly on the maintenance of blood sugar levels. It also stabilizes insulin markers.

Furthermore, it may also prove to be useful in managing healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. By doing so, the formula reduces several of the risk factors for not only diabetes but also cardiovascular disease, stroke, and the like. The product is one manufactured in the US, from a company called Pure Health Research.

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Composition of This Formula

Brandon Jacobi’s Blood Sugar Formula employs only natural ingredients for improving the health of users. The product mainly balances blood sugar levels, preventing unstable insulin, and glucose ups and downs. The ingredients that this formula contains have the backing of scientific research which proves their efficacy. The product doesn’t have any harmful negative side effects of use.

The main ingredient that the formula leans on is chromium. Several studies prove that chromium can have a benefiting impact on health. Other than it, the supplement packs white mulberry leaf, juniper berries, bitter melon, vitamin A, and vitamin E. All these work toward balancing blood sugar mainly. Vitamin C in the formula fights against diabetes.

Juniper berries have the same effect as chromium, as they too, lower blood sugar. White mulberry leaf takes down blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes type 2. Moreover, Vitamin E improves the glycemic index of those who struggle with diabetes. Lastly, bitter melon replicates the job of insulin; it brings glucose into the cells for energy creation.

No chemicals, additives, fillers, binders or such potentially health-harming agents have been used. This ensures that the formula doesn’t have any nasty side effects. Most medications that doctors prescribe are accompanied by unpleasant side effects. Since this supplement is not, it seems like a pretty good option for maintaining optimal health.

About the Company

The manufacturer of this product is Pure Health Research. This company scientifically develops its products and ensures efficiency of working. All products go through a lengthy 5-stage research and testing process. First off, the company has world class formulators from chemists to medical doctors, a team that is experienced and knowledgeable.

Next, only effective ingredients are used in ample amounts. These are all proved by scientific research to be good at improving health. Thirdly, all ingredients used are natural. No antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives are added. Lastly, the manufacturing process is GMP certified to ensure high and consistent quality.

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Features of This Product

There are several qualities of this dietary supplement that make it seem like a more preferable option than prescription drugs. PureHealth Research Blood Sugar Formula contains only natural ingredients which assures users that it will work effectively and that too, without any negative side effects. The harmless nature of the product allows users to keep using it even in the long run.

Though results don’t take too long to show. By using this product continuously, you can keep your health well. The supplement also happens to be based on science and clinical tests. Researches by the National Center for Biotechnology Information prove that chromium is efficient when it comes to improving health.

Before being put on market shelves, each batch is lab-tested to ensure effectiveness. The product is also easy to incorporate in your lifestyle. All you have to do is follow the instructions and take the pills regularly. The quality is also premium since the company, Pure Health Research, sticks to GMP and manufactures products in an FDA-approved facility.

Two bonus products also accompany this dietary aid. The first one is called Homemade Blood Sugar Remedies while the second is Thin in 60 Seconds. These helpful guides are for proper health management. There is also a year-long money back guarantee that backs the purchase and proves that the company is legit and not a scam.


Blood Sugar Formula comes in three different packages. Here’s a look at the pricing of all three:

  • 1 bottle of the product comes for $67
  • In a deal of 3 bottles of the product each comes for $57
  • In a deal of 6 bottles of the product each comes for $47

Final Verdict (Should You Buy Blood Sugar Formula?)

Blood Sugar Formula seems like a promising solution for all those who struggle with unmanaged blood sugar levels. This product is research-backed, natural, and safe to use. You can conveniently add it to your routine. The supplement can be used for a long term also.

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