Acrostic support added to GNOME Crosswords

2 min readAug 26, 2023

It has been quite a while since the last update, and we’ve accomplished a lot since then. I’ve also completed finish my GSoC project, which adds Acrostic puzzles support to GNOME Crosswords.

After implementing cell selection for ClueGrid, I added other signals ie. guess and other command actions.

The next step was to finalize the layout and Implement the Navigation as outlined in the design document.

Regarding navigation, it involved two parts. Firstly, when focusing on the main grid, it should use ‘quote_clue’ to progress to the next cell. Secondly, when focusing on the clue grid, it should move to the next cell within the corresponding clue.
Also, we spent a lot of time discussing on how to differentiate the focus between the main and clue grid. We tried different mockups. @bazylevnik0 came up with some good visualization ideas that we applied.

We then spent a whole week resolving bugs, including issues like ‘undo’ not working.

This is how a loaded Acrostic puzzle appears now.

Yay 🎉

Finally, I added some tests to test out my changes.

We’ll be releasing this soon and would greatly appreciate having more Acrostic puzzles. If you’d like to discuss or suggest any ideas, you can join the chat room here.

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  • Add tests for acrostic !123

Thanks for reading!